My Mission

Why Bother With a Mission?

Companies often have mission statements and today I thought I would make something like a mission statement for my blog. So this is my mission for, and the central idea behind the majority of my posts.

I’ve written a Page Called Personal Development and Lifestyle Tips by Roli Edema which you will find on my home page. Based on the ideas, this is sort of an updated extension of that.

The reason that I have decided to write this post is because I’ve been thinking about the structure of blogs and how many bloggers create a niche.

The Proper Amount of Freedom I Need

It’s literally been turning my head around thinking if and what I should focus on.

Then it hit me. Maybe I don’t have to narrow things down at all. After all I am a person with many interests and delights- so to squeeze it all down (when I could have so much fun expanding) would be too far.

 I would like to continue building a blog where I can talk about whatever feels needed at that moment. Sometimes that will be Life Hacks and Tips and other times that will be Personal Experiences and Things I Come Across on a Weekly Basis.

But if all my content (or at least the majority) had to fit under an umbrella, what would it be? A general idea that is neither too constricting nor too specific, an approach that represents me and what really brings me joy.

Think Bigger and Grow Like a Pro

Well I’ve got it figured. My mission for the posts I create and my website as a whole is to help my readers Think Bigger and Grow like a Pro.

This is a nice umbrella that can fit all my personal development and lifestyle articles. I like to find tips and techniques to help me become efficient in everyday tasks and I also love coming across amusing experiences that I can relate to.

That is what I hope to bring to this website.

The wonderful thing about this umbrella is that It allows me to talk about all the topics that I enjoy or discover and in a way that my readers can benefit from.

It is not a specific interest or subject, but rather a sort of brand/personality that will give you the motivation and skills to reach your goals, whether tiny or tall.

So thank you so much for reading with me so far, and I hope you will stick around.

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Think Bigger and Grow Like a Pro.

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