Banff Ski Vacation Canada

Banff ski vacation Canada is clearly a top must see place for all who can afford it. Get first hand information from past visitors here. From which ski resort in Banff to go to, where to stay,  how to get there to what things to do, let me be your guide and anchor. have you been to Banff holiday resort Canada before? Please share your experience here. I would love to hear from you.

Banff Ski Vacation Canada

I can easily see why UNESCO has voted Banff Alberta Canada as a world heritage site, and why it has been recommended as a top tourist destination for decades.

After my recent visit to Banff, I thought I should share my experience with you. If you have not made up your mind about going to Banff, please do. You will be mesmerized by the natural beauty as you would never have seen before.

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About Banff Ski Vacation Resorts

Banff is a very popular winter vacation destination and attraction for those who love skiing. Banff is a town in the heart of the incredible Canadian Rocky Mountains. Banff national park is home to several world- renowned Ski resorts that enable you to ski with style and comfort. You can expect only spectacular views and amazing natural experiences. Banff has been described as one of the 'high points'  of Canada due to its great outdoor opportunities. Skiing and snowboarding are particularly appealing outdoor activities to be enjoyed in this picturesque location, as are hiking, biking and rock climbing.

There are a variety of travelling options around Banff, to make your winter getaway even more exciting. Skywalks, boardwalks and gondolas are just some of the many choices. You can also explore the breathtaking hot springs and trails. You can never be disappointed with this World Heritage site.

 There are many cosy and luxurious lodges and hostels at your pick, for those evenings when you need to relax and unwind. These accommodations offer an attractive retreat from the hassles of everyday life, and are in a great location where you can venture out,  explore the town, and go shopping! You can also explore amazing historic castles towers above the hillside at the Banff Fairmont Springs.  Banff's snow-frosted mountains are home to a myriad of exciting opportunities for a grand skiing vacation.

For a group adventure, you might like to go on a guided hiking and mountaineering tour that will open up your knowledge about the mountainous surroundings and marvels about the natural world. There are countless opportunities to enjoy fine dining and cuisine as part of your unforgettable Banff Vacation experience. 

But not only does Banff offer the world's finest skiing and are riding, you can also enjoy a truly rounded vacation  with unique evening events after a an exciting day-time ski experience. This breathtaking landscape gives you a chance to explore frozen waterfalls and canyons, snowshoeing, outdoor ice-skating fun, dog sledding, sleigh rides and a caving tour deep into the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

If you'd rather a little more entertainment and pampering, you are more than welcome to sit back and enjoy deluxe spa treatments and shows, movie theatres and more.

The Most Popular Banff Ski resorts

If you are wondering about which resort in Banff to go to, here are the most popular resorts. Your choice though would also depend on what type of outdoor activity you hope to engage in.

The Three most Popular Resorts in Banff are:

  • Mount Norquay
  • Lake Louise Ski Resort
  • Sunshine Village

There are many Banff ski vacation packages available with transfers to each of these ski resorts from downtown Banff. This way you enjoy a varied terrain and get the best of all landscapes. You can experience the perfect mix of challenging and beginner terrain at each resort allowing you to build your confidence and experience at skiing. Spending your ski vacation at Banff gives you the benefit of a year round town, with excellent restaurants, shops, bars and even nightclubs.

There is no better feeling than knowing you are right there in the heart of the historic and  magical mountain range. Banff ski resorts offer you an amazing amount of space, allowing you to really embrace these one-of-a-kind surroundings and enjoy satisfaction.

How To Get To Banff Ski vacation Resort

banff ski resort is located in banff, Alberta, Canada. The biggest city and airport close to Banff is Calgary, and Calgary International Airport. It is about 146 Km from the airport.

Where are you planning to come in from? Europe? Middle East? Africa or from Australia? Banff receives millions of visitors yearly from around the world.  

Book your ticket to Calgary international airport or YYC (airport code).

Once you arrive in the airport, you can easily get a shuttle from the airport to your booked hotel or hostel in or near Banff.

Are you planning to rent a car and do some driving yourself? Not a problem. In fact, it could be a fantastic and not rushed way of seeing in and around Banff. We can help you with directions too. Just type in the following information into your GPS ( Oh! called Sat Nav in Europe and many other parts of the world):

Banff National Park of Canada

Gd Stn Main Banff,

AB T1L 1H1, Canada

+1 403-762-1450

It would take you about an hour and a half from Calgary International Airport to Banff.

Where To Stay In Banff

There are many accommodation options in Banff to cater for every need and budget. You may choose to stay in one of the many hotels in Banff, or a hostel.

You could also rent a lodge cabin, if you would prefer to stay in more private accommodation. In each Banff Ski Vacation Resort there will be hotels where you can enjoy a cosy and comfortable place to stay in between your skiing adventures.

You would find the best deals on Banff hotels from this site.

Share Your Experince!

Don't go away yet. Have you been to Banff before, or do you know anyone or have heard anything about this fantastic ski resort? Why not share your experience? I would really love to hear from you. Please use the box below to do just that.