Why Mom Was Right About "Doing What You Can".

Do what you can, with what you have. Sound familiar? Well, hopefully it should. It's likely something your parents told you. Here are reasons why doing what you can will help you so much, now - and in the long run.

Why Mom was right about doing what you can. Do what you can, with what you have.

It all adds up.

Seeing a big difference is simply a series of small decisions, actions and wins. Doing what you can means taking action even when it seems like there is little you can potentially do to change the situation. 

I think that it can be a little hard to try out something new (even if it's something you've always wanted to do) if you don't believe you're good enough to start. Your current position can seem so far away from your ideal dream and vision. 

But you've got to start somewhere. You've got to take baby steps. That's how it's done. 

There's a quote I really like, that goes something like this: "Let the distance between where you are now and where you want to be inspire you, not terrify you." If you've got big goals, it's easy to basically get paralysed with fear to the point that you take no action at all. 

But not acting is quite dangerous and it wastes time.

No matter how much of a beginner or amateur you feel, have a go at doing what you love. Give yourself a chance to learn and grow. Maybe you have ideas to create a business, but you feel so insignificant and disappointed that you can't execute everything just the way you imagine it in your head, right now.

But do you what can with what you have at this moment in time. Please be willing to start small, and let your consistency and commitment be the force that makes that precious idea flourish over time. 

Use your tiny basement if you need to. Be willing to start simple and then when you have the funds and skills, make things more elaborate later. 

Don't think that your first try has to be perfect.

Starting somewhere and then continuously building on that start-point is what makes things grow. In the beginning, you'll really have to value progress over perfection, because you won't have perfection in the beginning. 

The concept of doing what you can with what you have can be applied to so many things.

During exams in school, there would now and then be questions on the paper that I had no idea how to do. No idea what-so-ever.

But then the advice was to work on what I could do and then come back to those tricky questions later. Many times, simply by going through the tasks I knew how to handle, I developed an idea of what I needed to do to solve those trickier questions. 

The same basically applies in real life. 

When you are engrossed in what you can do, pieces of the puzzle start to fit together and things that used to cause you so much perplexity and anxiety start to make some sense.

So in that light, this whole process requires patience. It requires the gut and determination to get busy doing what you can, and the patience to watch the other stuff slowly get easier. 

When I'm sick, I'm pretty helpless. I can't just make my illness go away from day 1. But what I can do is take some medicine, get some rest and eat well. My productivity is lowered, but I do what I can with what I have.

When I'm awaiting a response from someone about something that could potentially affect my life in a big way, it's often hard to wait without getting worried.

But then, the only sensible thing I can do is do what I can with what I have. Perhaps I can mentally or physically prepare myself for whatever answer I get or perhaps I let it go momentarily and focus on something I have more control over. 

So, so many instances when we've got to do what we can with what we have. Not only to stay afloat, but to thrive. 

Mom was right, doing what you can with what you have is vital. It will help you gain control and make the best of your current situation.

How have you benefited from the idea of doing what you can with what you have? Comment below, I'd love to hear. 

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