Genuinely Confident People Never Make These 5 Mistakes

These are 5 mistakes confident people never make. If you're genuinely happy with yourself and confident, you won't fall into the following traps...

5 Mistakes Genuinely Confident People Never Make

How confident are you really? Or maybe the question is, do you often make the following mistakes in your daily life? Here are some interesting things to consider about our actions in relation to our level of confidence... genuine confidence.

Mistakes Genuinely Confident People Never Make...

1. They Don't take Things too Personally

Though it is not always easy, genuinely confident people are able to take criticism well. They learn from the feedback they get but do not take things too personally by feeling hurt. They listen, reflect on how they can improve but then they move on.

There is an amazing amount of peace and freedom that comes from not taking things too personally. It is best not to judge people's motives towards you or think that others are always trying to target you.

If you are a genuinely confident person, you won't make the mistake of allowing the words of others to bring you down. Even if you initially feel uncomfortable you'll be able to let it go and deal with what was said in a reasonable way. 

2. They Don't Make Others Look Bad

Sometimes people who feel intimated by a person will talk bad about them in the hopes that others will not find them so appealing. That's just the insecurity speaking. Genuinely confident people will never spread false rumours and unkind words about others in order to make themselves feel/appear better. You do not create a good name for yourself by trying to make an innocent person seem like a monster. Rather it just reflects the monster in you.

Truly confident people have a genuine love for others and they have the desire to help their friends and family reach their fullest potential. They want to support you and cheer you on, not step on your head to climb the next rung on the ladder.

This is definitely in contrast to those who fake confidence - the reality is that they often take advantage of those they deem to be weaker. When confident people help others grow and look good, it naturally increases their own worth and value.

3. They Don't Always Think They're Right

Genuinely confident people do not always assume they know everything. In fact, they strongly believe in the process of learning and are humble enough to listen to advice. When you've got false confidence, you end up making a lot of bad mistakes because you have a 'know it all' mentality.

Genuinely confident people are eager about gaining knowledge, they are inquisitive and love finding answers. When it comes to arguments, truly confident people know that they don't have to fight every dog that barks. They are OK with not being right all the time and are willing to be corrected. 

4. They are not Looking to Please Everyone

Another mistake that confident people never make is feeling as though they need to please everybody. They do not just seek the approval of anyone they come across because they know that an attitude of people-pleasing is not going to work. They acknowledge that they will not be everyone's cup of tea, and they are OK with that. However, confident people do cherish the opinion of their close, supportive friends and always make an effort to show love and kindness to those they meet.

They do good deeds, to not make others react a certain way, but because that is who they are. Truly confident people do not just follow the crowd, and they are not easily taken in by peer pressure. They are kind and compassionate citizens, friends and neighbours - yet they know when to draw the line.

Genuinely confident people never make the mistake of letting go of their morals in order to please. They are always aware of their values and priorities in life, and will not let the fear of others (or their opinions) get in the way of doing what is right. 

5. They Never Walk Alone 

Confident people never make the mistake of isolating themselves. They have believe in their potential, but they also know that they need a support system and good association in order to help them grow. As we mentioned before, genuinely confident people know that they don't have all the answers, and therefore they are willing to go after those who do.

Truly confident people read, research and spend time with people who can serve as good role models for them. They are aware of their own flaws so they don't totally rely on themselves. They ask for help. This may come as a surprise because many times it may seem that a confident person should be completely independent. The truth is that we all need to give and get encouragement and so genuinely confident people are also looking for opportunities to do so. 

Genuinely confident people are never afraid to ask: 'Hey, can you help me on this?' That is because their ego does not get in the way. Genuinely confident people know that the key to success is surrounding themselves with people who are experts in areas they are deficient in. They thrive on communication and collaboration; they're always looking for ways to take what they learn to the next level.

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