How to Spend Money

Do you feel like you never have enough money to spend? Don’t you hate that feeling when you want to buy those pair of shoes or that gadget and you realize this: You can’t afford it?

Well, you are not on your own, many people feel like that day in day out. But do not be distressed, there is something you can do about it. Moreover, the tips that you can use manage the money you do have are right here. On this Page.

My Top Tip on Spending and Saving $'s

Here is what you need to do:

Always compare prices before buying.

You will learn that if you shop around and find the best price each time, you will be able to do amazing things with even a small amount of money. As you carefully control your spending in this way you avoid unnecessary debt and have peace of mind.


Yes, you may be thinking, ‘controlling my  spending is easier in theory than in practice!’ You are right, spending can be fun and acquiring all the things you want can be addictive. However, think about how much damage could be done to your bank account if you just let yourself go. To avoid being broke, you have to take control.

Being in Control


One important thing to consider is that sometimes friends can have an affect on how you use your money. When you are out with your peers, you may feel somewhat pressured to spend in order to have a good time. Moreover, you may feel that you have to spend just to boost your reputation- even when you may not be able to actually afford it. So to have a good time with friends without causing financial problems for yourself, try these tips:

 Think in advance, about how much you intend to spend. Budget a set amount of money and keep to it! Oh, and, never fall into the trap of buying something you don’t need just because it’s on sale. Going out with friends who will sensibly support you to stick to your plans will definitely help.

Let's Recap...



Try to always keep track on how and what you spend your money on.

Compare your income with how much actually goes out of your bank account each month.

When you go shopping, make a list of what items you need to purchase and limit yourself to these the whole time.

Always put a lot of thought into what you spend your money on- so you will not regret it.

 Do not allow others to influence you into buying what you do not really need.

 Stay in control.

 Sensible Spending | What it can mean for you

Being able to manage your money is an important life skill. If you succeed in learning how to do it and get rid of any bad spending habits, the results are brilliant. Although you might not get rich, you will certainly be able to confidently use the money you do have in the best way, instead of accumulating debt.

So the next time you are about to spend money, spend time to think about what you have just read. Keep referring too this page to hep you spend in the best way. And forever keep this in mind: Control your spending, do not let your spending control you.

Best Wishes ,

 Roli Edema.

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