How to Stay Slim This Winter

How to Stay Slim This Winter


Winter is here and sometimes we get worried about putting on too much weight during this period, or  we at least hope burn to it back off, right?

Well, this is my guide on how to stay slim this winter – steps you can take to look and feel your best all the way through this season. Let’s go!

Stay Fit and Healthy In the Colder Months

When it’s summer we usually try harder to keep fit, and finding motivation can be much easier.

However, when it is -15 outside, things can be a little different.

The reality of winter is that most times, our first thought is to warm up under the duvets or in front of the telly eating not-healthy-stuff.

  • While you should enjoy winter time and relaxation, its really helpful not to go bonkers, it's better to keep fit and healthy.
  • When the New Year comes you’ll feel better about yourself too.

So today let’s go through some good ways to stay slim this winter:

Fill Up On Fiber

Eat Fiber to Stay Slim In The WinterEat Fiber to Stay Slim In The Winter

The first way to stay slim this winter is too fill up on fiber.

  • Get all your nutrients during the winter, but try to eat as healthy as you can.

Of course we are all allowed a treat now and then, but it’s great for you if you develop a pattern of healthy eating.

Why? Because during the winter months we are more likely to pig out.

  • You can find the fiber you need in foods like oats, apples and nuts.
  • Fibre will also strengthen your immune system and this is totally what we need as we try to fight off cold and winter nasties.
  • Fibre-full meals are delicious and filling so its a win win!

It’s true that in cold weather we’re more likely to crave carbs. After all carbs help to boost our serotonin levels, which tend to drop in the winter. But what’s the key? Think porridge, seeded bread, and oatmeal.

Oh But There’s Nothing to Do in The Winter

Think there’s nothing to do in the winter? Wrong.

It was actually quite funny when I tried listing all the activities you could do in winter to keep active. THERE ARE TONS.

Some of these activities are unique to winter and will make sure you stay  slim and healthy all the way.

Grab a Shovel

Grab a Shovel - It Counts as Winter ExerciseGrab a Shovel - It Counts as Winter Exercise

If you get a lot of snow where you live, did you realise the amount of effort (and sweat) than shovelling requires?

  • Shovelling snow from your driveway every day is a really convenient way that you can stay active.
  •  Shovelling snow burns calories and activates your lower and upper body muscles.

1 hour of shovelling = about 400 calories burnt. You may not have thought of this one straight away, but it counts!

Pumping Up At Home

Things become even easier when you have workout equipment at home.

  • You are able to stay fit and workout all in the comfort of your own home during the winter, what more could you want?

Exercising for around 45 minutes 3-4 times a week should be no problem when you’ve got your gear, and you have a set plan.

  • A fun way to get more motivated to stay slim in the winter is by investing in some fitness DVD’s to get you pumped.
  • There’s something fun and exhilarating about working along with your expert trainer (on the TV) during the winter months.
  • It feels so worthwhile and an achievement you can be proud of. It may not be summer, but that won’t stop you from getting fit and active.

Head to the Gym Straight After Work

Alternatively you may choose to hit the gym as soon as you finish from work.

  • Don’t even give yourself the chance to get home and convince yourself why you cannot exercise.
  • It’s great if you can plan your day in a way that you don’t need to stop home before you exercise.

I mean, who doesn’t find it hard to leave the house once you get home and comfortable? A good way to prepare for this is by arranging workout clothes that morning (or night before) and a snack to last you till you can get home and eat.

Step up Your Game

Use Your Stairs to Stay Slim In WinterUse Your Stairs to Stay Slim In Winter
  • Going up and down the stairs a lot counts as keeping active too.
  • In fact it can be a high intensity cardio and leg workout. 
  • Try climbing two steps at a time quickly and repeat a few times- back & forth.

Exercise While You Netflix

There's a little winter trick I like to call active TV viewing.

  • All it means is that you get up and moving during the commercial break.
  • Take a few minutes to do push ups, squats or even burpees. Jogging and skipping during the theme song of your show is pretty cool too.

There’s always a way to keep active, you really just need to look hard enough.

Who Said You Can’t Go Outside When It’s Cold?

Enjoy a Brisk Walk OutsideEnjoy a Brisk Walk Outside

There are quite a few sneaky and ingenious ways to incorporate exercise into your day.

What stops you from bundling up and going outside for a brief winter walk?

  • This can also prevent you from being cooped up inside all day.
  • Throw on your coat and gloves and enjoy the winter scenery.
  • Then warm up with a warm beverage when you get back.

Do this for 20 minutes every day, and what a joy you’ll bring to your winter.

Warm Up with a Healthy Soup

Stay Slim with a Healthy SoupStay Slim with a Healthy Soup

When the weather’s cold have some low-fat soup to warm up.

It’s very comforting but it will make sure that you don’t pile up all the unnecessary calories.

Soup eaters tend to consume significantly less at mealtime, so this can help you keep your diet in check.

Winter Vacation and Sports
~ Master New skills

Winter comes with its perks.

Have a go at activities such as Ice-skating, snowboarding, and skiing as another way to keep fit in winter.

  • Ice-skating is a great social and aerobic workout that matches the weather.
  • If you plan to go on vacation during the winter, why not plan an active getaway that allows you to explore some winter sports.

This is perfect if you are determined on keeping fit, who knows, you may discover that winter is your favourite season for sport activities!

Thanks for reading these tips on how to stay slim this winter! What other suggestions would you give on keeping your fitness in check during the colder months? I would love to know, so comment below.

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