Things You Should Know About Your Acne

So here's a subject close to my heart, the struggle many teens and others have with acne.

  These points are  'Things you should know about your acne' -  suggestions and motivation that I think every teen who is fighting for clear skin should know.

So enjoy, and share with someone who you think would appreciate it :)

Acne is something that many teens (and also adults) battle with around the world.

 Over time it can start to affect the way people think about themselves and the amount of confidence they have. Here are some important things to keep in mind when on the acne journey. The first one I would like to talk about is this: You are more than just your acne.

You are more than just your acne

Acne could become such a huge part of your life.

You wake up in the morning and then you remember what you look like and maybe you feel that your lack of clear skin is stopping you from reaching your full potential. Maybe you feel as though the image you are projecting is not the one you would like to display.

  • But here's the fact: You are more than just your acne. Your acne is there, yes and its true, it is hard to ignore it. But acne does not define you. It does not make you who you are. So never feel that it stops you from achieving .

There's No Need to Classify Yourself

We are so much more than outward appearances. Your life consists of way more than your skin regimen or breakouts. I think it is really important that teens with acne do not just classify themselves as 'that kid', the 'one with the acne'.

When you have acne, you have to learn to embrace your personality and build on yourself inside. You should learn to have fun and get out of that bubble that separates you from where you would like to be.

  • Radiate beauty from inside.  Smile like your acne is not there. Realise that there is so much in life to discover, explore and enjoy, so do not be the one dragging yourself down with negative thoughts.
  • Make your acne journey easier by pushing on and keeping busy. Don't acne dominate your life!

Not everyone judges you

  •  Sadly, many feel that their acne instantly puts off everyone they meet. This is so not true. When you have a conversation you do not have to  be overly self conscious. When people look at you if doesn’t mean that they are staring at your acne and thus they dislike you, or view you as some second class citizen.
  • Yes, at times you may get those ignorant people who single you out because of your acne or treat you unkindly. But honestly, when you come across people like that, it is their problem and not yours. If you learn to be self-confident, such negative treatment will not affect you, because it is sooo baseless.

Acne shouldn't make you shy back

  •  So never shy back because you are afraid that someone will treat you negatively. Believe it or not, people want to talk to you because of who you are not your pimples.
  •  And remember! personality creates bonds that are much stronger than physical appearances ever will.  There are many nice, genuine people out there, and none of such people will ever judge you because of your acne.

Be Healthy In Every Way You Can

So here is a practical tip that I thought would be very handy for those dealing with acne.

Try your best to be healthy and active. Keeping up a healthy lifestyle and getting frequent exercise will make you look and feel good. Though this is not the main reason to be active , it may be another way to keep your mind of your acne.

  • This includes eating the right foods, and not binging on junk snacks that will not do you any good.
  •  It   involves getting good exercise - doing a sport that you enjoy or working out with friends or siblings.

You Can Still Feel in Control

  • When you do all you can to be healthy then it is like checking another item of your checklist. That way you can be sure that you are not adding to your acne problem by a bad diet, and that you are looking after yourself well.  You will be managing your acne situation.
  •  Keeping healthy and enjoying  a wholesome diet will improve your well-being all round and revive you.  You will increase your self-confidence and this will make your acne journey a whole lot easier.

Get a Good Face Wash To Use Day and Night

Here is another vital tip. A good way to clear your acne quickly is by getting a good face wash. Washing your face day and night with a good face wash will do so much to help your acne improve.

  • I personally like a foaming cleanser because it makes my face feel fresh and squeaky-clean.
  •  Finding a good face wash may mean doing a bit of research (as I did) or carefully looking around your local supermarket. But it is so worth it! With a good face wash you know that you are tackling your problem effectively.
  • Make sure to use your face wash day and night to get rid of any impurities or nastiness that could be blocking your pores.
  • If feels amazing!!!!!
  • A good face wash used regularly will greatly improve the clarity of your skin and you will see results!

Yup. It takes time

I hate to say it, but it does take a while to get rid of acne. But you probably already know this or can really relate to it if you have struggled with acne. Your acne will not magically disappear overnight, I'm sorry.

But the good news is...

By keeping healthy and doing all you can to keep your skin looking good, you will start to see results. And you will be thrilled as you see that you are finally getting somewhere.

Don't Rush to a Conclusion, hold up

You may have to try different acne products, but remember to give yourself at least 6 weeks before making a decision or conclusion.

Sometimes it even takes months for a treatment to do it's work fully or even become noticeable. But when you do arrive at that breakthrough (not breakout ;) it will feel wonderful and you will be so glad you were patient.

  • Sometimes it may take the largest part of your teenage years before you truly say goodbye to acne. But do not worry. It is different for everyone so you should never give up hope.
  • There will come a day, where your face is completely free of acne. Repeat after me. The day will come. Even if it seems like forever, one day all your efforts will be successful.

You are not alone

My next acne tip is this: you are not alone.

 You may go to school and feel as though you are the only kid in your class with an acne problem or that you are in a 'minority'. Do not be fooled. The amount of google searches each month alone indicate that there are many kids you are dealing with acne.

  • Acne bothers people ALL OVER the world.
  • So the point is, never feel that you are alone. You are definitely not the only person battling with acne. You are not the first and unfortunately you will not be the last.
  •   Here the thing: many teens out there are dealing with their acne successfully. So can you.

 Anytime your acne is making you feel down and upset, be sure to talk to a trusted friend or parent. You will be surprised how much help and support you can get from your loved ones. There is no need to isolate yourself.

Should I Wear Makeup?

  • If you are a girl, you may wonder if you can wear makeup if you have acne. And you can.
  • But you also have to be careful about what you are piling on your face. So many types of makeup out there can actually make acne worse and irritate your skin.
  •  My advice when it comes to acne makeup is to find and double check that the makeup you want to wear is non-comedogenic.
  • Non-comedogenic makeup means that it will not block your pores. Look out for this on foundation containers and also the word non-acnegenic which means the makeup will not aggravate your acne or make it worse.

Oily-Acne-Prone Skin

If you have oily acne-prone skin then it is also best to look for oil-free makeup, to  try and control the amount of oil on your face. Oil blotting sheets are well known to do wonders at absorbing excess oil and shine from your face without smudging makeup. So you can have fun with makeup, but you've got to do a bit of research on what makeup will work for your skin.

Doesn't mean you are dirty

  • I wanted to address a myth about acne. Having acne does not mean you are dirty.
  • Acne will be aggravated by bad hygiene but having acne doesn’t mean that you are grimy.
  • It is a horrible myth and untrue for so many people.
  • There are many causes of acne, including and genetics and hormones, so do not feel bad about yourself if you have acne.
  • But that is also why taking care of your skin is important. By washing your face often and protecting it from products that clog or irritate pores, you are minimizing the risk of breakout.

Does acne make you ugly?

  • Let's face it, acne itself is quite ugly. But acne being ugly, and acne making you are two totally different things.
  • Acne can be seen as a physical flaw, but which person in this world does not have a physical flaw?
  • Everyone has both physical and personality flaws.  The only perfect people are fake people. Sometimes we are too preoccupied being  discouraged by our own flaws that we forget that everyone has imperfections.
  • But the important thing is this:  Beauty shines through from the inside and having acne does not completely block outer beauty either.
  • There are many attractive and awesome people who have acne and so acne does not stop you from being one of them.
  • It is sad to see people who feels as though acne makes them ugly. On the contrary, the strength and resilience you gain from dealing with acne and make you an even more beautiful person.

Keep a journal

  • While you are on your acne journey, a good idea is to keep a journal. This way you can see how far you have come and how your skin is doing...and hopefully improving!
  • Writing a journal also gives you a way to let your your feelings at specific times in your journey and express your emotions.
  • It can also help you keep track of the treatments you have tried and when, to help you compare and make decisions.
  •  It may be quite interesting to look back on your journal years on  when you have fought acne and won.

The Best way to deal with acne

  • My final tip on 'things you should know about your acne' is this: The best way to deal with your acne is by not thinking about it.

Of course this is much easier said than done especially when you are surround by people with clear skin and mirrors. But if you try hard to keep your mind off acne, time will pass and it will become less of a problem.

  • You will find joy in living life instead of being preoccupied with a few spots on your face.
  •  This is a tip that I was given by so many people as I faced my acne journey through the rough times, and I found it to be so helpful.
  • Get a hobby, focus on the positives and get some fresh air with those you love.

There is more to life than acne, and you can overcome your acne as I am doing and so many have done.

Keep going and smile brightly from inside.

I have every faith in you,

Roli Edema.

Thanks for reading my page.

It makes me so happy to write and I hoped you enjoyed reading 'Things you should know about your acne'.

It was quite a long for me to write, but it is so worth it because of you!

Comment below your acne experience if you have one. I would love to hear it.

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