Student Diaries - Thoughts You Have as School Ends and Summer Approaches

A student's thoughts can change dramatically as school starts to end and summer starts getting closer.

Thoughts Students Have as School Ends and Summer Approaches

So Close Yet So Far

Its quite interesting how things seem to draw out as you approach the end of a school year. The last few weeks feel like months as the summer break feels so far away.

You basically forget the fact that you have completed almost 9 months of school; that you have been able to keep on top of everything for a considerable amount of time, because at this point, you are truly and utterly done. You are near the end of the marathon, yet the finish line seems like it is so far away.

How Many More Weeks Till Vacation??!

~ Thinking of vacation.

As an escape to avoid paying attention to your school work, you begin to daydream about / earnestly count down the days to your vacation in July. Your vacation that is nearly 3 months away. After all, you need to cling on to all sources of good news and hope that you have.

As a student, you look forward to the upcoming trip to a warm and sunny location ( or at least one that is miles away from school), so that you can get a tan, take Instagram worthy photos and enjoy a long and restful summer break.

Its a completely different lifestyle. One so blissful.

 Need to Catch Up on Sleep

Another one of the thoughts a student has as school ends is: sleep. Yes, sleep.  Sleep is so important yet it is something that we never seem to get enough of - especially during the academic term.

As your alarm wakes you up really early in those last few weeks of May, and as you resentfully try to ignore it, it just makes you think about the great opportunities that you will soon have to sleep and wake up whenever you want.

You have the choice to run things a little differently, with all that extra time. And I mean, it is not very likely that you will schedule your  8:30 - 9 am with reading and reviewing heavy textbooks. That optimistic thought can be enough to get you working through the remainder of your spring term.

Its Warm Outside, and I'm Inside

Its 20 degrees outside. Why Am I in here?

As summer approaches and you're still in school, you really begin to question things. It is 20 degrees outside. It is a beautiful day. Why I am inside doing trigonometry?

All of a sudden the whole schooling process seems so ridiculous. You almost feel guilty every time you get a glimpse of the sunshine and realize that the weather 'is being wasted'.

If you are a student that has to wear uniform, your discomfort may even be multiplied as you may have to wear a blazer and tie even when it is obviously scorching

But First, Exams

Its quite interesting how exams generally come right before summer. You'd expect things to wind down before summer, (especially as we tend to be less interested in studying and working during this period) -  but no. Everything speeds up, deadlines for assignments, work that you should have handed in months ago - not to mention preparing for what normally are the most important exams of the year. 

You've got to start sprinting before you can slow down. 

But despite all these thoughts you have as school ends and summer starts, you can make it. Just as long as you keep your eyes on the prize in front of you - those upcoming weeks of freedom.

(and let us not even begin to mention the next academic year yet...)

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