Tips For Walking In Heels
More Grace, Less Pain

Learning to walk in heels? Today I'm sharing the best way to walk in heels without pain. Here are tips for walking in heels with grace and elegance.

Tips For Walking In Heels - Walk in 5 Inch Heels With StyleTips For Walking In Heels - Walk in 5 Inch Heels With Style

Heels can be really glamorous – but walking in them can be such a pain sometimes. That's why I've picked out top tips for walking in heels and how to add that touch of sophistication.

Don't Rush It

First of the tips for walking in heels: take some time.

When we walk in heels we tend to want to walk double the pace and take fast steps – but that is not the easiest way to go about it.

  •  Most of the time there’s no need to run, so try not to.
  •  Take careful, confident and calculated strides.

When you walk extremely quickly in heels it could make it seem quite obvious that you are not used to them, so try to keep the pace natural.

And remember, it’s not like walking normally so don’t expect to zoom around everywhere.

Are They Your Size though?

Been wondering why you can never walk properly in that particular pair of heels? Well, maybe they are not the right size for you.

  • When it comes to tips for walking in heels, picking the right sized shoe is a must, otherwise you are making issues a whole lot harder for yourself.
  • Any shoe that is too big for you is bound to feel uncomfortable to walk in- and this is especially true when it comes to those stilettos.

No Sliding Around, please

It’s not the best for your feet to be sliding around in shoes that are too big for you.

And it’s not any better if they’re tight. Shoes that are too small will make you feel cramped and create feet pain.

  • A great way to avoid all this is too get your feet sized regularly.

Lean Back Slightly

When walking in heels, try to lean back slightly.

  • As we mentioned earlier, a tendency is to walk too quickly and to arch the back forward so practice walking with your back at an angle further away from your feet.
  • This will help you to stay more balanced as you walk.

Don't be scared to use up some space & try to avoid bunching everything together.

Again, you’ll look and feel more confident about it all.

Don’t Wear Yourself Out

Walking in heels all day, can be hard, even for the most experienced wearer.

  • So make sure to give yourself a break and sit for a few minutes, where you can.
  • Every now and then take off those heels and allow your feet to rest.
  • There’s no shame in having a rest every now and again.

If you don’t wear yourself out, you are more likely to walk with grace when you slip the shoes back on.

Use Your Imagination - Create a Line

Instead of looking at your feet as you take each step, try focusing in on your destination.

  • It’s almost as if you are tracing a line from your desired endpoint to where you begin walking.
  • Then follow that imaginary line, keeping your head up straight.

This will help you reach your destination smoothly instead of wobbling around everywhere. Eyes ahead.

Thankful for Foot Pads 

If your feet are killing you from walking in heels, here’s something that can help - Metatarsal Pads.

They contain gel which cushions and absorbs pressure from being on your feet all day.

  • They can easily be applied to any shoe or directly to the bottom of your foot.
  • This relieves you from foot pain caused by blisters, calluses and high arches.

The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to rock those heels.

Last But Most Important Tip:

Practice, Practice, Practice!

  • Walking in heels is something you really need to have lots of practice at to nail.
  • If you like - stand in front of a mirror and practice walking back and forth, taking nice, well-paced strides.

Another key thing to remember is: Don’t start with 5 inch stilettos.

  • Practice walking with smaller, more manageable heels and work your way up.

In little time, you’ll be able to walk (reasonably comfortably) with grace and elegance in higher heels.

Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts/concerns/experiences on tips for walking in heels?

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