Pocket Problems

Pocket Problems | A Pressing Issue

Hi guys!

You know, there's an issue that's been bothering me for quite a while now, and I thought I'd share it with you. Sadly what i am about to describe is a common occurrence in many wardrobes- particularly women's.

Love at first sight- or so you think

The decorative pocket. The nonfunctional pocket. The pocket that's not truly a pocket, in  my opinion. You see, there are a wide variety of jackets/jeans out there with amazing designs. You spot them and your like: "Oh my goodness, that's so cute!". But then you pick them up and survey them, (as every good shopper does), then realize they are not all that perfect. In fact, it just wasn't meant to be..because the pockets are nonfunctional.

How frustrating!

Now I'm sure that those of you who have experienced this will know exactly what I mean. You get to that point in your day when, you're holding something (bus pass, phone,keys etc.) and you need to put it away momentarily. So you reach for your jean/jacket pocket. But then the worst thing happens, as you find out that your beloved  pockets were only designed to be looked at (and not to be fed). It's tragic.

Outward appearances don't count

Pockets are an important part of modern life. So its best if they function and can be of use to you.  Decorative pockets might be gorgeous, but they need to 'work'.

There. I've raised awareness of the problem with decorative pockets and how they can be such a pain.

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