Thoughts You'll Have : On Your Last Year of High School

It is quite crazy how, all of a sudden life hits you in the face with a huge smack. You realize that all your years of school, have indeed amounted to twelve years, and now it is time to graduate high school.
Graduating high school is something you have worked hard for, yet when it comes it feels like 'it just happened'. For some, it is a sudden and very pleasant surprise.

This is because as you go through high school, you cannot always see or envision those days when homework will be no more, when you will have the choice about what to do next. The time when you may have step into the real work, and live that 'life' that everyone has been talking about -  may seem so distant. But then grade 12 comes by and tells you that all of that is real, and that it is happening now.


Three Things Every Hard Working Person Needs

Being known as a hard worker is a good reputation to have. It shows your dedication to success. People will generally look up to you, in the hopes of improving their work ethic and keeping on track. But to maintain your momentum as a hard working person, there are three important things you must have.

1. Vision

First you need to have vision. Without vision, there is nothing that pushes you to work hard. In other words, you need to have a good why. What is your why? What is the reason behind your continued effort? Are you reaching for a goal? Often, we are more motivated to put our fullest effort into something when we know that by doing so, we will get a certain result.


Beating Shyness In 5 Easy Steps

Let's look at easy and practical ways that we can beat shyness. Being shy can be quite hindering sometimes, so here are steps you can take to overcome shyness and be more confident around others.

1. Visualize A More Confident You &
'Fake It Till You Make It'

The first easy step to beating shyness is to 'fake it till you make it'. This is essentially visualizing yourself being more confident, and working up towards that. Although you may not feel 100% comfortable in social situations now, keep positive and see yourself having the level of confidence that you really wish for.

An important part of this is to stop labeling yourself as as shy person, keep your eyes open to your potential. When we persistently call ourselves shy, we psychologically feel inclined to live up to those expectations.


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