The 5 Best Places to Travel If You Love Food

Are you a foodie looking for a travel destination that offers a variety of tasty dishes? Here is our guide to the 5 Best Places to Travel If You Love Food.

Try Authentic French Cuisine:

French cuisine is widely recognised as one of the best in the world. There are many delicious food options for breakfast lunch and dinner that would certainly bring great joy to someone who likes their food. French cuisine includes a tasty range of pastries for breakfast such as croissants, pain au chocolates and brioche. Breakfast is generally light and sweet with lunch and dinner being bigger meals. 


Practical Ways to Be More Mindful 

Mindfulness is great because it increases your awareness of the world around you as well as helps you relax and see the bigger picture.

For me, mindfulness means taking some time each day to really reflect. To not just let life roll by, but to calm acknowledge what is going on in your life as well as your interaction with others.

1. Don't Be Scared of Your Own Thoughts

A very good, practical way to be more mindful is to get used to being alone. I call it "don't be scared of your own thoughts". Many of us avoid being alone because we don't want to be left alone with our own thoughts.


8 Things I'd Tell My High School Self

If you could go back in time, what would you say to your younger self? Here's are 8 Things I'd Tell My High School Self. 

1. Go to Sleep on time!

The first thing I'd tell my high school self is to go to sleep on time. I think a lot of the time I stressed myself out for no reason by procrastinating going to bed. In high school, I actually had a lot of time to get 9+ hours of sleep. But I never realised it then.


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