Why You Should Have the Confidence to Do Things Alone

Doing things alone can definitely seem intimidating sometimes. Do you ever feel self-conscious and anxious about situations where you might be alone in public?

Or are there things that you want to do, but your friends are not available and you don't feel like going out on your own?

Doing things alone is not as scary as you might think, and there are benefits when you have the courage to do so. 

1. You'll miss opportunities if you don't 

The truth is, if you are always scared about doing things alone, you'll likely miss out on many opportunities. 


Why Mom Was Right About "Doing What You Can"

Do what you can, with what you have. Sound familiar? Well, hopefully it should. It's likely something your parents told you. Here are reasons why doing what you can will help you so much, now - and in the long run.

It all adds up.

Seeing a big difference is simply a series of small decisions, actions and wins. Doing what you can means taking action even when it seems like there is little you can potentially do to change the situation. 


Discovering Hidden Opportunities

Even during difficult, almost hopeless situations, you can find precious opportunities. Let's speak about discovering hidden opportunities...

I'm a firm believer that opportunities can be found in virtually all places. Even when undesirable situations arise, you may discover that there is an exciting opportunity tucked around the corner.

I guess this is also related to how optimistic you are. Sometimes when two people are in the same situation, one may notice an opportunity and the other one may not.


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