5 Signs That You Are Truly Happy

Are you happier than you think? Here are 5 signs that you are truly happy in your life right now. 


1. You Smile at The Simplest Things


One sign that you are truly happy is that you are able to find pleasure in the little things around you. You find yourself smiling a lot at little joys in life. Small things-  like seeing a beautiful day or watching a toddler play. You even smile when you are alone, so obviously it is not to please anybody.


Smiling because of the little things around you demonstrates mindfulness. I think that that being  able to find happiness from the most random events is truly special. It reflects your inner peace and love for life - you just can't hold it back.


How To Build Mental Fortitude 

How can you develop your mental fortitude? (also referred to as mental toughness). Here are some key steps to being stronger mentally and emotionally.

Mental fortitude is what separates a wanna-be from the person who actually achieves. When you stop to look at the determining factors between those who are successful and those who are not, mental fortitude (or mental toughness) is always at the top of the list. 

Talent does not mean anything if mental fortitude is absent. A person who has mental fortitude is not easily thrown of guard when things don't go as they planned. Let us look at the key aspects of mental fortitude and how you and I can apply it in our own lives.


5 Ways to Write a Better Essay  + Common Mistakes to Avoid

This post does not detail every step on how to write an essay from start to finish, but it does present some useful tips and things to watch out for, to help you improve the final quality and make it something you're proud of! 

1. Use quotes effectively:

So the first tip on writing a good essay is to use quotes effectively. Quotes can be a great tool. They can make your writing more credible and show that you have a good understanding of the material you are writing about. However, over-using quotes or not using them properly can make you look like an amateur, so beware of that.

Try not to throw quotes all over your essay. Quotes are most effective when analysed, explained and used sparingly. More is less. Firstly, ask yourself why you have chosen the quote, and if it really supports the point you are trying to make. 


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