5 Tips For Smart Online Shopping

Planning to make some online purchases? Here are 5 tips for smart online shopping, so you can get what you're looking for at the best price!

1. Peep the Sale/Clearance Section

The first tip for smart online shopping is to always check the clearance/sale section on a website. Often, there are some great deals hidden in there with items that have been significantly discounted. You might even discover a similar version of an item that you were going to buy in the main shop. 

One thing to keep in mind with online shopping is to not give up too soon. Keeping scrolling through the website and clicking the "next page" button to see if there are cheaper options for what you're looking for. Sometimes it takes some digging to find an item that you'll be very pleased with. 


Don't Feel Bad - We're All in the Same Boat

Feel like the only one in the world with your particular fears and insecurities? Don't feel bad - you're not. 

Whenever we go through rough times it seems like we're alone. You may have feelings of sadness or fear during moments of the day and feel like you must be really weird because you can't imagine anyone else feeling the way you do at that moment. 

Have you ever felt like that? Do you get in certain moods where you just feel on a different planet from everyone else or even that you're worse off than everyone you know?


How to Eliminate Distractions to Increase Productivity 

Distractions are everywhere! Here are ways to eliminate these distractions to increase your productivity and improve your focus for the activities you care about most.

1. Set a timer

One great way to eliminate distractions and be more productive is by setting a timer before you work. It can be quite risky to just hope that you'll concentrate and finish your work by a certain amount of time.

Instead of making an unconvincing mental promise to focus, start a timer. A timer won't extend itself every 20 minutes, like you might do if you get distracted and feel the urge to procrastinate. Setting a timer will help you realise that every second counts and you've got to get cracking. 


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