How to Deal With Fake Friends

Sometimes a friendship turns sour and one discovers that they have a "fake friend". Let's discuss how to deal with such fake friends.

How to Deal With Fake Friends

Finding out that your friend isn't really your friend is never fun. Fake friends can make you feel lonely all of a sudden and make you question yourself over and over again to try and work out why it happened to you. However, the truth is that fake friends are quite common and knowing how to deal with them can save you a lot of trouble and heartache in the future. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to deal with fake friends: 

1. Talk to Them

The first tip on how to deal with fake friends is to have a chat with them. If you genuinely feel that your friend is two-faced or being secretive on a regular basis, don't just ignore it. Find the time to approach them and mildly talk to them about how you feel. Let them know you are concerned and provide solid reasons why.

If you friend is a true friend, they will reflect on what you said and take steps to make changes. However, a fake friend may just deny everything you said and then continue to do exactly what you mentioned. At that point you will know for sure that your friend is not genuine and has no intention to change their ways. At least then you can take the next step. 

2. Get a grip emotionally 

Having a fake friend can really take a toll on you emotionally, so it's important to deal with this straight away. When you discover that your friend has been saying bad things about you behind your back or spreading rumours it can be very upsetting. It can be painful to realise that the person you trusted and loved has decided to turn against you.

But one of the best things you can do for yourself is to talk to yourself and realise that it is their fault, not yours. We all encounter people like that at some point in our lives, and it is always a reflection of their character, not yours. 

You may have to distance yourself emotionally from that person and tell yourself that you will enjoy better friendships in the future, because you will. Come to peace with the fact that your fake showed their true colours, and be thankful that you came to discover it before it got worse. 

3. Move on but Stay True 

The next tip on how to deal with fake friends is to move on with your life. The most important thing here is to stay true to yourself. Don't allow your fake friendship to make you become a fake friend or even to retaliate.

Stand your ground. Do your best to get on with your life and with your own personal development. In many cases, it may be best to stop hanging out with such a friend who demonstrates so much negativity. But even if you see your fake friend around, be sure to still smile and be kind to them. Rise above their pettiness and continue to be a nice, kind person, not because they are, but because you are

4. Stay Out of the Drama

Finally, to deal with fake friends, stay out of their drama. Some fake friends will continue trying to get your attention. They may try to compel you to keep associating with them even though the status of your relationship is quite obvious. Many times they might try to draw you into gossip, or try to catch you saying something that may be used against you. Don't fall into this trap or give in. It's always best to stay out of this sort of drama. Set boundaries for yourself and know when to walk away from such a dangerous situation. 

Don't even gossip to others about your fake friend. As much as you can, try and stay out of that circle. Avoiding drama that fake friends stir up can free you from so much potential heartache and even blackmail. Always work on developing new, positive friendships, and reserve your time and attention for those who are truly genuine. 

Thanks for reading this blog post on ways to deal with fake friends and move on with your life. Have you ever done any of the steps outlined in this blog post? Comment below. 

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