Kill Them With Kindness Quotes

~ Why You Don't Need to Fight Back~

Would you consider yourself to be a kind person? What about when someone deliberately tries to get on your nerves?

Are you kind then?

This article is to share with you some ‘Kill Them With Kindness Quotes’, and why killing 'em with kindness is the best strategy.

Kill Them With Kindness Quotes - Why You Don't Need to Fight

We get really affected by unkindness. It’s natural, that when we face hostile surroundings we cave in, and try to protect ourselves. Then comes anger. Confrontation builds up tension and fury. And what do we have? The desire to return unkindness for unkindness.

We need a punching bag.

-     When a child is pushed by a sibling, the first reaction is usually to push back. Unfortunately this tit-for-tat behavior isn’t limited to children. Even if it’s not about literally shoving back, the idea we have as humans is to retaliate. –

In the face of a fight, we may also feel that kindness is hardly a priority. When you are being yelled at you may think that the weakest thing you could do is respond with kindness. It’s no surprise because when someone hurts you maliciously, it can make you feel exploited.

Is it worth being kind in return to anger?
Let’s look at some ‘Kill them with Kindness Quotes’ to see advantages of choosing to be kind when the other person won’t.

Instead of just telling you to ‘Kill them With Kindness’, I’m going to persuade you by giving you a few good reasons why you don’t feed to fight back.

Good Reasons to Kill with Kindness

It’s strength.

Think about how much easier it is to throw kindness to the side and give your ‘opponent’ a real piece of your mind.

Sometimes when you respond with kindness you take the other person aback completely. After all, the response that we see time and again is to fight back, till things escalate dramatically.

But to hold yourself back and not reply with anger is a huge sign of strength. You show that you possess a certain type of self-control that is both deliberate and purposeful.

Are you Gonna lower Yourself?

You don’t want to lower yourself to the standards of the other person. By acting in rage, the person who hurt you openly displays their inability to keep calm and collected. Do you want to look like a flustered, confused individual? I’m guessing not. That’s why it’s so important to try and keep your ‘cool’ no matter what.

Time to insert a ‘Kill them With Kindness Quote’ that will further motivate you not to fire bullets of vexation.

Treat People With Kindness In Spite of Everything

Which is a variation of….

‘Treat Everyone with Politeness-even those you are rude to you. For remember that you show courtesy to others not because they are gentlemen, but because you are one.’ – Charles Dickens.

What a good one.

Why should our happiness and good mental health depend upon the other person? Why stress yourself and raise the tension, because of what the other person choose to do?

At the end of the day, you will feel more satisfied and pleased with yourself if you hold back from rage.

I just love the Kill them with Kindness Quote mentioned above because it takes the focus off the other person, and onto ourselves – which is where we really need it sometimes.

The main thought is, let people be rude, they will likely face the consequences at some point. But remain a kind and balanced person – not because they are – no that’s irrelevant.

But because you are.

It Diffuses the Situation

Another Kill Them With Kindness Quote that I find quite practical is from the Bible.

A Mild Answer Turns Away Rage

When you treat people with kindness it can help to calm the whole situation down. Your soft and sympathetic words can do much to help them (the angry person) to stop freaking out and behave in a more civil manner. On the other hand, if you act in fury, it will only ignite the fire and cause more anger.

If You Rage, You Lose

Selena Gomez Kill Them With Kindness Quote‘No war in anger, was ever won.’ – Selena Gomez ‘Kill them with Kindness’

Simple quote. I Think it gets the point across quite clearly though. If you both end up angry and upset, you’ve both lost. Victory is when you are both able to calm down and resolve the issue in peace, love and kindness.

An Interesting Outcome…

By acting in kindness, you may be able to bring out the best in a person, instead of leaving them in full-battle-mode. They may even become embarrassed by the fact that they responded in rage – and apologize.

You Never Know... So Always Treat Them Kindly.

Sometimes we just don’t know why people react the way they do.  Kindness might just be the thing they need to soften up. Never underestimate it’s power and importance.

Carry Kindness Around: Literally...

The other day I found these cool Kindness cards on Amazon which are basically a pack of business sized cards that have illustrations and encouraging phrases which promote kindness and are sometimes humorous. They are great for keeping in your car and sharing with family or friends. Guaranteed to brighten up your day, lol.

Brilliant, Brilliant Thoughts:

The Best Quotes For Killing Them With Kindness

I hoped you enjoyed reading this article. Maybe it helped to show you why ‘kindness is the best way to kill’.

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