Discovering Hidden Opportunities 

Even during difficult, almost hopeless situations, you can find precious opportunities. Let's speak about discovering hidden opportunities...

Let's talk about discovering hidden opportunities

I'm a firm believer that opportunities can be found in virtually all places. Even when undesirable situations arise, you may discover that there is an exciting opportunity tucked around the corner.

I guess this is also related to how optimistic you are. Sometimes when two people are in the same situation, one may notice an opportunity and the other one may not.

Because of that bright, hopeful outlook, the first person sees a wealth of opportunity and becomes encouraged while the other person maintains a disgruntled attitude. Outlook is critical because it may bring that optimistic person a lot more benefits than would usually be found. 

Let's say you've encountered some kind of restriction in your life. There's something you'd really like to do, but you don't get your way and you may forced to postpone your plans until you get greater freedom.

You could get really annoyed and resentful, or you could choose to take a different approach. You may view this restriction as an opportunity to build character and learn discipline. Once a restriction, it may now become an exciting challenge and bring you opportunities for growth and learning that you never imagined. 

Having such a mindset is particularly helpful in situations where you really have no control over what happens. If you can change things around and create the situation you want, great. But what if you can't? That's when being open-minded and open to opportunities helps a lot. 

Many people have gone through painful personal struggles. They've experienced events that they likely wish never happened. But through all their pain, they push through and they even decide to write their stories down to help others.

Think about an author you know who has written about their personal struggle. For many of such authors, what helped them push through is the knowledge that someone else could benefit from their experience. They found an escape from those struggles through writing.

Admist their pain, they found a way to turn those negatives into something more positive, turing their experience to something more profound than the life of just one individual. They go on to encourage many more people, and all because they choose to stay hopeful, and they choose to be inventive and creative. 

Sometimes it takes a while to discover opportunity, and while it might not always be life changing,  it may teach you something important about yourself or you surroundings.

I think also of those who have lost their jobs, only to discover something better.

Although they may have felt defeated a first, they allowed themselves to be inspired and moved to do something adventurous, to have a go at turning their hobby into a job somehow.

They saw their unemployment as a gain in time and opportunity, and they committed to what seemed like a good idea. And their awareness and effort paid off. 

I find it really inspiring to hear stories about such ones who have become empowered by unexpected events, because they've been aware of opportunity. I'd like to think that whenever something doesn't go the way I'd hoped, I won't give up, but I'll keep my eyes open to opportunities that arise from a turn of events.

So, if you encounter a setback, will you keep your eyes open for hidden opportunities?

Sometimes you push yourself out of your comfort zone, other times you are pushed out of your comfort zone, and it is up to you to be aware of what is going on and the different ways you could grow by embracing this change

Like that author who started journaling their struggles or that person who used unemployment as an opportunity to look into creating their own job, discovering hidden opportunities can help you to cope with an undesirable current situation, as well as set you up for long-term benefits. 


Have you discovered hidden opportunities in a surprising place before? Comment below, I'd love to hear!

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