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  1. Should You Write About Your Emotions?

    Jun 10, 19 06:45 PM

    Sometimes we have a need to express ourselves and deal with what's in our head and mind. Should you write about your emotions? Let's talk about it...

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  2. Best Hair Spray For Braids - Fantasia Braid Sheen Spray

    Jun 07, 19 04:27 PM

    Today I'd like to share the best hair spray for braids, the Fantasia Braid Sheen Spray. This is one I know my afro-hair girls will love...

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  3. The Success Iceberg - Uncovering What Success Really Looks Like

    Jun 03, 19 02:26 AM

    The success iceberg is one of my favourite personal growth/business concepts. It's a great way of picturing the reality behind what looks like easy success.

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