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I’m Roli, a Nigerian-British girl who currently lives in Canada. (read about moving to Canada here). This website is a collection of my musings, mainly surrounding lifestyle tips and personal development.

a few fun facts about me, I: 

  • Am a fan of meaningful quotes, fine chocolate and (shopping!).
  • Believe in hard work, perseverance and laughing a lot. 

what can you find on roliedema.com?

It’s hard to narrow down my website to one specific topic, but most of my content tends to fall inside the categories of personal development and lifestyle (aside from the random spontaneous content – oh I do love random spontaneous content).

I’m by no means an expert on anything, but I do love to explore topics that pop up in conversations around me and in everyday life.

I've written posts that range from...

I’m keenly interested in business and productivity tips and you’ll find posts on my site such as:

Exercise posts, such as:

personal and interpersonal relationship posts, such as:

 And a few poems that I’d never admit to authoring in real life ;)

The posts mentioned above are just a few of the 300+ you’ll find on this website, I’ll hope you’ll surf around and check out some of the other articles I’ve enjoyed creating.

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