How to Wake Up Without Caffeine

You gotta get up early but you have no idea how you’re gonna make it through the day. Your first reaction may  be to reach out and get some coffee to nourish and revive yourself.

But how about a caffeine-free morning? What about waking up naturally and learning how to function without your beloved latte?Well today I’ll be sharing some tips on how to wake up without caffeine.

How to Wake Up Without Caffeine

Wondering if it is at all possible? Yes, it is, and I actually use these methods most days to get out of bed and get energized.

So here are some pretty simple ways to awaken yourself and feel prepared and ready for whatever you’ve got coming that day:

1.       Splash your face.

So my first tip on how to wake up without caffeine is too splash your face. Yes, if you want to revive yourself when you feel extremely tired, follow these steps. Make your way to the bathroom, trying not to bump into anything (a potential risk when you’re really tired).

Turn on the cold tap, put water in your hands, and give your face a nice clean. Spray yourself with some cold and refreshing water.

This will help you to wake up straight away, after all it is quite hard to be sleeping when your face is freezing cold. It will shock you out of your sluggish state and help you be ready to face the day.  You may have to do this a couple of time to really get those eyes open and alert.

This is one of my favorite steps to resuscitating myself, even during the day when I feel a bit tired or just need to wake up a bit. Have you ever seen those times on TV when a person throws a bucket/glass of water on the other person to get them to wake up? Yes, this technique is based on that, but it is a bit calmer and wont get your clothes soaking wet :) .

2.       Use a nice energizing body wash.

On a related note…

My next tip on waking up without caffeine is to treat yourself to a scrumptious energizing shower. Using a sweet/zingy smelling body wash will really wake you up and get your senses buzzing.

The best thing about using body and face washes in the morning is that – not only do they smell good – but they also cleanse to help brighten the appearance of your skin.

This is exactly what you want when you are tired in the morning but don’t want the eye-bags to show. Your skin will instantly look refreshed, and it won’t even feel like you just  jumped out of bed.

One of my favorite washes to start my day is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Cleanser.  This is a unique gel cleanser with Vitamin C and ginseng. I love it because it immediately wakes me up with a fresh citrus scent and soft bursting beads to give you a good cleanse.

Oh and I do love the Radox feel refreshed shower gel that actually doubles up for use a shampoo. It’s a revitalising blend, with eucalyptus & citrus oils. Inspired by nature.  Using a nice energising body wash will get you looking and feeling great and ready to  go. It will wake up your whole body and you’ll smell brilliant too.

3.       Jump around.

My next tip is to jump around for a bit. Do a quick and easy workout for about 10 minutes. When you get moving and your heart is beating faster, it will be hard to fall back asleep. You may like to put on some music to accompany your short workout routine and this will also make you more alert.

Morning exercise is not about full intensity (besides, its not easy to do extreme exercise first thing in the morning). So you can do a combination of simple exercises, with jumping jacks here and there. It is more about getting moving and telling your brain that its not time to be slow and sleepy, but moving and active.

Light to moderate exercise will be a great way to wake yourself without the usual caffeine and you’ll be healthier too!

4.        Stretches

As well as moving around and getting fit, stretching will also help you wake up. When you get out of bed, stand up and reach your hands down to the ground (or your toes). You can also swing your arms gently from side to side horizontally, then  progressively reach up to the ceiling. Believe it or not, this is actually a light and easy form of exercise and you will instantly feel the results. You might give a yawn and a big stretch once you wake up, but getting on your feet and engaging in full body stretches will make you feel even better.

Next you can progress to your lower body and stretch your legs one at a time. Really get down and extend your leg to your side while resting your weight on the adjacent knee. Do this on both sides. Stretching will lose up any tensions and get your muscles and joints ready for the day.

5.       Enjoy some fresh fruit.

Another way to wake yourself up without caffeine is to get a fresh breakfast. Fruit is a good option, and the sweet natural sugars will make you more alert and happy.

If you try to face a long morning with just a cup of coffee and an empty stomach, it may not work out so well. You might find yourself hungry and then grumpy because you haven’t fed yourself properly.

A great start to the day is a yummy fruity breakfast. This is simple and you can make it in a short amount of  time. All you’ve got to do is wash some fresh, ripe fruit. Then cut or dice it how you want it – then put it into a bowl. You might like to add some Greek yoghurt or honey for extra flavour.

If you are waking up unusually early, fresh fruit might be what you need to get you going and prepared for your day.

A chilled glass of orange juice is also a superb option for refreshing and invigorating yourself when you feel a bit tired. Your taste buds come alive instantly and the taste gives you a kick to start the day. Freshly squeezed orange juice is often the nicest to go for.

6.       (Bonus tip): Let the sunlight in.

Enjoying the natural light from the sun will also help you get up. A dark room will make you feel drowsy and will make you crave curling back up in your bed. So as you get out of bed, open the curtains to allow the glorious sunlight to seep in.

There are many benefits from getting enough sunlight and you will likely find yourself more awake when you open the blinds. Allow yourself to adjust to the daylight and this will revitalize you to get on with your morning tasks. Sunlight will stimulate your internal clock and make sure that you get up, because it’s timee!

Open the windows for a beautiful fresh breeze, and you should be ready to roll!

Want to be cheeky, have a cup of tea.

And if you really can’t go without a hot drink, don’t worry I’ve got you sorted. A warm cup of herbal tea is good idea for those days when its cold outside and you want  to warm up before you head out. 

Or you might choose to be cheeky and just go down the decaf option with your regular hot beverage. But don’t expect these options to have the same effect on you as a cup of coffee. For actual waking up and staying energized, you may want to stick with the suggestions above.

So thanks for reading my article on how to wake up without coffee! These are some simple ideas that you can use for those days that you want to take a break from coffee and go natural.

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