My Perfect Day

by Manoele Della senta
(Carazinho, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Firstly, It would be in the Holidays (without corona) because then I would be sure that the rest of the week It would have not waking up early for school. I would wake up around 8 am and have a big breakfast with all my family together.
After that I would go to the outside of town with a few friends to do a campsite trip, next to a waterfall, zip line, mountain trail, stuffs like that. We would spend all morning doing extreme things and having a lot of fun together. At lunch time we would cook stroganoff with rice and orange juice, in the middle of forest inside the trees. After that, during the afternoon, we would go on a mountain trail, sing songs, take beautiful pictures and feel the nature. In the night we would build a campfire and sit around, and finally, sleep under the sky of stars.
This would be epic because is the things that I most like.

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