Notice The Patterns In How You Get Over Things In Your Life

Do you ever notice the patterns in how you get over things that are upsetting? The observations can be quite enlightening and interesting…

Self-awareness can be a very beautiful thing. Knowing yourself helps you improve yourself. Do you ever spot patterns in your life, in the way you overcome adversity? It could be anything - from the way you handle trauma or get over heartbreak. 

When you notice the patterns in how you get over things, it gives you a measure of power. Let's talk about how:

The Moment Where It Started Getting Easier 

It's really horrible to have to experience the same distressing situation twice. I've been there, you've been there - it's not fun. But when you find yourself in such a situation the second time, you now have something very special that you can leverage for your own benefit - experience. 

Self-awareness enables you to reflect on how you overcame an obstacle in the past and dig out valuable lessons that you can apply to your present situation. 

And a very interesting thing about noticing the patterns in your life, is that you often learn a lot from things that were not even conscious decisions at the time. 

Sometimes the things that helped us get over a difficult time were not even deliberate, but they helped immensely. The more knowledge you are able to pull from your previous experience, the better equipped you are to help yourself when you feel down or face the same problem again. 

Maybe it's heartbreak. When you draw connections, you start to realise the mindset shifts that helped you get over someone the last time. Maybe you notice the patterns in how you were able to recover from trauma, by doing certain activities that brought you peace.

Whenever you have to go through something horrible again, ask yourself: What was the moment when things started getting better last time? What helped me to get over it? 

When you are truly able to build an understanding of your mental framework, you'll see that you can conquer those feelings yet again. 

You Are Not Starting From Scratch 

If you look carefully, you'll be able to observe patterns in all different aspects of your life. There's a lot to be learnt. 

As disheartening as it is to face the same challenges again, remember: You Are Not Starting From Stratch. 

This thought can bring you comfort when you think you just can't handle it. You can. You did before. 

Don't take your previous experience for granted.

You don't ever have to like the bad things that happened to you. But you should realise that the lessons you learned are yours for the taking. You can take your past situation and use your knowledge to your advantage. 

And let's make it clear: just because you faced the same situation before, doesn't mean you'll be immune to the hurt this time. Going through a negative experience feels like a slap on the face each and every time. You always have to overcome the pain. 

But when we talk about identifying patterns, we're acknowledging that you may have actually subconsciously stored shortcuts for getting over the pain faster. 

Ultimately, each time you encounter the challenging situation, you add further insight to your 'recovery database'. With time and experience, you've become wiser. You're never again as weak as the first time. 

Now, perhaps you can even have something of value to say to others who are experiencing your familar situation for the first time. 

You're Almost At The End of It

There is a real advantage to noticing the patterns in how you get over things in your life. 

You can tell when you're almost at the end of your battle. You may notice yourself doing the same things you did when you were at the final stages of recovery last time. And there it is - the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Despite the complexities in our life, humans are really quite predictable in some ways. 

These patterns exist in your life whether you know it or not, and if you pay good attention, they might tell you that you're getting stronger and victory is just around the corner


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