Stop Being Scared of the Competition in this Space 

Do you feel like your creative field is over-saturated? Here are important reasons to stop being scared of the competition and start taking action, because there's enough space for all of us.

Stop Being Scared of the Competition in this Space

Ok, talk time. 

In this post, when I'm talking about competition, I'm mostly referring to competition in the blogosphere. In countless conversations on various platforms, I notice that many describe blogging as an over-saturated market. Fair enough. There are so, so many bloggers these days, all trying to stand out and get their word in. 

However, what I find particularly disheartening is when people complain about the abundance of bloggers, almost as if it automatically makes their blog irrelevant. Guess what?

I don't think so. 

When it comes to creative fields like the blogging industry, I'm a firm supporter of the phrase: the more the merrier. I still get excited every time I discover a new blog I like, whether it happens to belong to an established blogger who has been around for a long time, or a blogger who started last summer. 

As you can imagine, it fills me when inner happiness whenever I come across blog posts that answer the question: "Is it too late to start a blog in [insert current year]?", with a wholehearted, confident:


From personal experience, I can even say that most of the gals and guys who are really killing it in the blogging industry are always positive about others starting blogs. They encourage other people to pursue blogging while advising them how to make a success of their blogs (and I'm not just talking about the ones who make money by doing so). 

Why I Refuse to Be Scared of Competition, and Why You Should Too

I blog because I absolutely love it. I think that if you blog because you genuinely love creating content, then you won't be so scared of the competition. Why? Because, you're not blogging to compete with the competition, you're blogging because it makes you happy. 

Ok, now some might say that the above paragraph is just warm, fuzzy-feeling stuff that isn't practical. If you're blogging for the right reasons, you will understand it. But for those who aren't convinced, let's go on.

So the first reason I've mentioned to not be scared of the competiton, is because you don't have to be competitve, you can just put out good work because you get satisfaction from it.

But even if you're in your creative field to be competitive, to stand out and even make a profit, you still shouldn't be scared of the competition.

I love to see bloggers working hard on their blogs, both because they would like to earn a living from it as well as the fact that they love it so much, they'd do it for free anyway.

But, the problem with those who get really ticked off by the abundance of bloggers in the blogosphere is that they are focusing too much on others.

Instead of being focused on the sea of people in your creative field, take a step back, and figure out what you have to bring, as an individual. A very, very important thing to remember is this:

Even though you're doing the same thing as another person, someone just might like the way you do it better. 

In my local mall, there are many many, shops competing against each other for my wallet, for your wallet. For the most part, they all do the same thing. Let's say that they're all clothing shops catered towards 18-24 year old females. Even though there's so many of them, I still have my favourites.

Those favourites are my favourites because somewhere down the line of interacting with their brand, their grabbed my attention. They appealed to me in a way no other shop had. They hit the spot. 

My friend who is in the same demographic as me, has her own favourites. Other brands managed to capture her attention. 

Still on the topic of stores:

In the area where I live there are a lot of different groceries stores and fast food restaurants and also a small family owned bakery. What I'm trying to say is that on that street, there are at least 6 different places where I can buy a croissant. 

The bigger grocery stores are able to spend a lot on advertising. They're nationwide or even international brands. The same goes for the fast food stores. However, when I want to get a croissant, I still go to that small family owned bakery. For crying out loud, they might even be the most expensive place to sell me a croissant.

But I still go to them.

Why? Because they do what they do well. There are lots of competitors around, but this tiny store is still able to create an authentic experience for their cherished customers, myself included.

I might visit the other stores during my week, but I still choose to visit their store too.

The size and frequency of larger competitors does not detract from what that smaller store provides and how they provide it.  By focusing on their craft, that family bakery is able to create such a brand loyalty that some will forbid going anywhere else for a sweet snack on a Tuesday afternoon. 

Well, maybe you should be scared of the competition

At this point I will now say something that may seem contradictory but actually helps me explain my point quite well. 

There are some blogs that should be scared of the competition. 

If you're trying to copy a really successful and popular blog or be another really successful and popular blogger, you should be scared.

Because there are hundreds and perhaps even thousands of people who are doing the same thing. Just like them, by trying to be someone you are not, you will fail to differentiate yourself and you won't end up quite as successful and popular. 

But that's just about the only reason why you should be scared of the competition. 

You have something that no one else has 

The same reason I get excited about discovering interesting small blogs is the same reason why you should stop being afraid of the competition.

It's because everyone has a completely different spin on the same subject. Tell a group of people to relate a story, and each one will include or exclude their own unique detail.

In a sense, if you love blogging, then you should consider yourself fortunate, because you were naturally created to be a very excellent blogger


Well, what is one of the most frequently occurring tips that all of your favourite bloggers give you? I've read my fair share of "tips for successful blogging" pages, and there's one tip that none of them ever fail to highlight:

Be yourself. 

If you ever do find such a blog post without the above tip, please do let me know. 

You have the ability to be an extremely fantastic blogger or whatever-you-are in your creative field because... get prepared for a true but cliche quote...

No one is you and that is your power. 

Will the competition ever become you? Will they ever be able to relate stories with your particular flair, or edit vlogs with the level of creative mastery and enthusiasm that you do? The answer is no. 

So stop being scared of the competition. 

Someone out there will love your blog, channel or creative work because you entertain/inform them in a way no one else can. Someone out there is incredibly impressed by your expertise in growing tomatoes, never ceases to laugh at your deadpan humour, or lives for that original video series you feature on your channel. 

They love what you do. They check up on you reguarly as they do the other bloggers who have millions of subscribers and have been around for ages. Yes - you may have ten subscribers. But to someone out there, you provide the same amount of value as (or even greater than) those other people.

The Bottom Line

The main message of the article is this sentence:

Even though you're doing the same thing as another person, someone just might like the way you do it better. 

Those who consistently create valuable content which expresses their personality,  will grow. They. Will. Grow. 

Granted, the large number of people in the blogosphere means that you will need to be even more consistent and persistent than if there were less people. You will need to create and share on repeat -  and with real passion - always allowing that which makes you unique to shine through. 

If you want to be a new fashion blogger, please be a new fashion blogger. If you want to start a YouTube channel today, please do. Perhaps you won't be re-inventing the wheel, but perhaps you have a style of photography that will inspire many, a story that someone will relate to, or a writing voice that someone will completely fall in love with.

Create value, in your own special way, and within time those who should find you, will find you, and they will stay.

Those who consistently work hard and passionately at their craft cannot go unnoticed for long.

The cream always rises to the top.

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