"What Helps Keep You Motivated?"
Your Favourite Bloggers Answer The Question

Today we talk about motivation, as a few successful creatives answer the question 'What Helps Keep You Motivated?' and share their tips and techniques.

What Helps You Keep Motivated

Welcome, all. Let's have a dose of blogger motivation! We all need motivation to keep  doing what we do, and for online creators it is no different.

  • In the past few days, I asked a few bloggers the question, "What Helps Keep You Motivated?" and they kindly shared their answers.
  • Wanting to know what keeps these successful online creators going? Their answers are below.

In no particular order, these ladies will tell you a few tips and techniques they've used to stay motivated blogging.

Sinead Crowe 
from lovestylemindfulness.co.uk

"I'm kept motivated by the fact that I love what I do! I constantly am kept awake with new ideas and could sit working late into the night!

I think the lovely comments from readers about how much they enjoy my blog also keeps me motivated, knowing that what I do is providing some form of service to people!"

from mielandmint.com

What keeps me motivated on a daily basis?

I've always been a very organized person who likes to use time wisely. My mum used to say: "Even when things go haywire, you still can control two things: your attitude and your productivity".

It just stuck with me. Those are two things I keep in check every day and it helps me not only to manage my long to-do lists but also lead a happy lifestyle. If I had to sum it up and name one thing that motivates me, it would be the people I love.

  • It's my husband, my parents, my in-laws, my friends, my readers... They provide so much support and have so much faith in me that it makes me feel as if nothing can be labelled "impossible".

  • Even when I find it tough to stay motivated, one little comment on my blog saying "I loved that post, it was so so helpful" turns things around and I am ready to conquer new "mountains". 

I am beyond grateful for every single one of those positive, happy and kind people I have in my life.

from kotrynabass.com

"I believe what really keeps me going is the idea of helping the community. I can see a lot of creative young people being lost in their lives due to the pressure society puts on them. I'd love to believe that I'm here to present the alternative ways of building a career."

Diana Maria
from mylovelierdays.com

For me, what keeps me motivated is remembering my intention and why I began blogging in the first place.

  • I wanted to create an online community that could be a positive space for readers and myself to gain inspiration!Inspiring others inspires me, and so whenever I feel doubt or question my abilities as a blogger I try to think of the bigger picture.

Everyone needs positivity, advice, and inspiration some times, and so I want my blog to encompass that and help readers, which is my strongest motivator.

from iwishicouldwink.com

"I'm motivated when I feel like I have lots to write about and am full of creativity. I see my blog as a bit of a diary through outfits and so that motivates me to post as the more I post the more I'll have to look back on in the future."

from phasesofrobyn.com

"I can't be motivated unless I'm organized.

My key to anything in life is to keep on track of what you're doing by either writing to-do lists or keeping track of when deadlines are. Along with the organization comes a routine - I wake up and go to bed at the same time everyday.

  • There's no point in staying up working all night because you won't get out the best content if you haven't had enough sleep.

I also stay motivated by always writing what I feel like writing - sometimes I have off days and it's best to just wait till you get a pop of inspiration than force yourself to write."

from donttellanyone.net/blog

"The biggest motivation is definitely my work, my clients and blog readers, what I do, the goals and tasks that I’ve set, and they usually are the first thing that I think of as soon as I open my eyes every morning.

But then I give that time to myself, to relax, have a breakfast with my boyfriend, exercise and sometimes meditate. I believe that is the biggest source of motivation and inspiration for the whole day!

Working out is very motivating and inspiring, I love to start my day with that! And that is usually the best medicine when I hit the block of burn out, when I feel overwhelmed and uninspired. 

Being organized and having a discipline also helps!"

from apennyforthem.co.uk

I've decided to take a step back and release that constant push that I feel I have been giving myself.

In short, I think my advice to keep motivated would be to ensure you take time out for yourself, to ensure your own state of mind is in balance and that you don't end up so bogged down by what you have to do that you end up overwhelmed and unable to perform.

from www.dellalovesnutella.co.uk

I started my blog nearly 3 years now and every time I sit down to write, plan or take pictures for a post, it reminds me of how much happiness it's brought over that period of time.

For me it's the passion, I'm doing a hobby I absolutely adore and always receive the loveliest comments!

The beauty community as a whole is a constant support and if I'm ever feeling unmotivated, those on Twitter will send words of wisdom or I'll just look back to why I began; the dream of writing. "

My Motivation

I am motivated by the little wins I experience everyday. You know what this is - traffic boosts, pleasant interactions on social media, knowing that I helped someone find what they want.

  • I don't  like to take things for granted, so I appreciate my journey, no matter how slow growth may see  at times.
  • Most of all I'm motivated by my big dreams, and watching people who never give up.

My goal is always to work hard, and succeed on purpose.

I'd Like to Say a Big Thank You to Everyone Involved.

Make sure to visit these fantastic online creators and show them some love!

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