Why I Find Time to Read Even When I'm Really Busy

Today I'm letting you in on why I find time to read even when my schedule is super hectic. Even when I'm busy, there's certain benefits of reading that I just can't skip out on...

Why I Find Time to Read Even When I'm Really Busy

The obvious answer to why I find time to read:

Sometimes I put books on hold in the library and am on the waiting list for over 6 months (mostly popular business books), so when the book finally arrives I better read it because I've waited so long and there's no chance of renewal.

But, that's not the main reason ;). 

The main reason why I make time to read even when I'm very busy is because it pays off every single time. The books I read inspire me to work hard and give me ideas that can support the work I do. So even when I'm busy, I try to schedule in fifteen to thirty minutes of reading. 

Reading a meaningful, useful book for me is like filling up my tank with fuel. It's hard to keep giving out without taking anything in to nourish yourself. Powerful thoughts from a good book can kick-start great improvement - making you more efficient and effective with your daily activities.

After a week of intense routine work and perhaps a bland schedule, a good book helps me to focus on something stimulating and interesting. 

Also, I'm always amazed at the number of lessons I can transfer from a book to my real life, especially when it comes to non-fiction. Sometimes I even smile to myself as I catch a real life application of something I read - and I wouldn't have related to it or appreciated it if I didn't pick up my book the night before. 

Nuggets of advice and useful tips that I find in books help me to work with purpose, which helps in resisting burnout.

I don't spend all my time reading. Strict deadlines and other commitments shorten the amount of time I can reasonably spend reading. Even so, I make it a point to not just push reading aside completely even if I have an excuse.

Why? Because the value derived is worth the time devoted. 

I also find that reading gives the subconscious mind something to chew on. A little substance to reflect silently on during the day. The effect is a refreshing, calming feeling as you go about your daily duties.

If reading regularly is your goal too, a good way to achieve it to be very intentional in your choice of reading material. Don't just pick up any random book and spend hours each week like that. If your time is limited, you want to make it count. With a more intentional approach, you could jot down a list of your top goals and areas that you want to improve in, and then match those goals with the right books. 

Read books that take you in the direction you want to go. Books that remind you of your journey and that aid you to the finish line.

Perhaps you choose to do a book a month. Looking at a list of 12 strategically chosen books at the start of the year can be very motivational, as you see the specific areas in which you will undergo personal development and get wiser. And you know what's even better?

The fact that books often provide you with more than you expect, more than just what you read on the front cover. Due to this fact, I'm constantly pleasantly surprised each time I create time to read.

Conclusion: Reading, just like exercise, should be done regularly if one wants to live a truly rounded life.

After all, reading is to the mind what exercise is the the body.

Do you make time to read regularly? Comment below!

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