5 Best Chess Coaches Online to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Looking to improve your chess skills? Here are the best chess coaches online to provide you with training and mentorship.

5 Best Chess Coaches Online to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

If you want to get really good at chess, it's wise to get a chess coach. 

Sure, you could read books and watch videos where typical middlegame plans are explained, but that will only do so much.

You still need to understand when you've made a strategic mistake, and what to do when the game looks different from what you've read and watched. 

With that in mind, here is a list of the best chess coaches online.

These coaches will provide you with a systematic training approach, by helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses and providing a plan to improve your chess gradually.

What are the Best Chess Coaches Online?

Here are the best chess coaches online to help you master the game:

1. nizardri


Nizar is one of the highest-rated chess coaches on Fiverr, with a peak rating of 2105 FIDE ELO.

Nizar offers customized chess lessons where he'll carefully analyze your games and create a personalized program to tackle your weaknesses. 

By the end of the coaching sessions, you will:

  • Build up a solid opening repertoire
  • Improve your tactical vision and calculation methods
  • Improve your positional play - you will never be left clueless about what to do in different positions
  • Improving your endgame techniques

Nizar has a variety of chess material to share with you, and when you sign up for coaching, he will give you access to his personal studies on Lichess. He'll even give you extra time if he sees there's a concept that you need a little more help with. 



1-Hour Lesson - Nizar will coach you for 1 hour (60 minutes) in a single session.


1.5-Hours Lesson - Nizar will coach you for 1.5 hours (90 minutes) in a single session.


2-Hours Lesson - Nizar will coach you for 2 hours (120 minutes) in a single session.

Comments from previous coaching students: 

"Very good communication. Reviewed my games ahead of time. Easy to get along with and has built out a great study program for students depending on where you're at. Patient and overall someone I would recommend. Will be continuing lessons."


=> Sign up for online chess coaching sessions with Nizar here

3. katopipia


Kato from Georgia is a winner of the 2020 World School Chess Championship. She is a member of the Georgian National Team and has been playing chess since 2010. 



Beginner - We will play online chess , analyze your chess games , solve tactics and learn more about strategy.


Hardest endgames to learn, free books, secrets on how to think better when you're playing chess.


Best and strongest openings from many GM's. Online practice with Kato. Endgames and tactics.

Comments from previous students:

"Wonderful lesson as always! Kato’s been a tremendous help with learning and using Chess tactics for different parts of the game/positions. She genuinely wants to see her students improve and goes out of her way to find useful puzzles to help teach new ideas."


=> Sign up for chess coaching lessons with Kato here

4. finalista95


Marco is another popular chess coach who offers highly quality, personalized chess lessons. 

He begins the sessions by taking a look at your games and considering your weaknesses and strenghts, then he creates a personalized program to help you improve.

Maro is against prepackaged lessons: he wants you to win more games and improve, and that's why every lesson is prepared for your needs.

In addition, he's not too strict about sticking to 60 minutes: if he thinks you need further help with a concept, he will stick around to make sure that you fully understand it. 



Focused Chess Lessons

Very focused lesson based on the main issues in your games. Brief but not less effective!

  • 30 minutes
  • 1 lesson
  • Exercises & supporting materials


Chess Lessons

Personalized chess lessons based on your games and style.

  • 60 minutes
  • 1 lesson
  • Exercises & supporting materials


Intensive Chess Lessons

An intensive and personalized session to look carefully at every detail in your games.

  • 90 minutes
  • 1 lesson
  • Exercises & supporting materials

Comments from previous students:

"Marco was very attentive and seemed to know exactly what I needed. He always asked questions, and gave me time to think about it or ask questions of my own. Marco is an excellent teacher who will find the best teaching method for each individual."


=> Sign up for Chess Coaching Sessions by Marco here

4. marijano


Mariam (Mari) Janiashvili, a woman FIDE Master from Georgia, is another top chess coach. 

Mari was previously a member of the Georgian Olympic Team (2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad) and has won many international tournaments.

Mari's methodology covers every aspect of chess, including calculation techniques, basic strategy and theoretical endgame, opening preparation, and puzzles - which will be customized based on your knowledge.

She also teaches you "The Golden Rules Of Chess" and how to think correctly in chess.

Fide Highest elo:2130.

Lichess rating:2400.



1 hour lesson, covers: 

  • Fundamentals
  • Tactics
  • Easy openings
  • Checkmating
  • Game Analysis


  • 1 hour lesson, includes:
  • Middlegame
  • Tactics
  • Endgame
  • Customized openings
  • Game Analysis 
  • Free books


1 hour lesson, includes:

  • GM's secrets
  • Pawn structure
  • Ppening analyzes
  • Key endgames
  • Positional chess
  • Free books
  • Chess program

Comments from previous coaching students: 

"Mari is an excellent teacher. She is kind and knowledegable. We got many things done in one lesson and she gave me almost 30 minutes more. I'd recommend her to everyone and am excited for the next lessons to come."


=> Sign up for online chess coaching sessions with Mari here.

5. wiebesworks


Wiebes is an experienced chess player and teacher who previously taught elementary school kids and at a chess club. 

In his coaching sessions, he keeps it fun while going over openings, middlegame strategy, endgames, general principles and tactical & positional ideas.

He also uses customized and structured study plans and carefully prepared presentations to help you improve in an easy and fun way.

Wiebes will review your games, suggest study material, or just play you and analyze the game with your afterward. He'll pinpoint what you need to work on, but if you have any specific questions or themes in mind, he will address those too.

Rating: 2100 lichess/ 2000 chess.com


  • Basic - One hour of live chess coaching + study material.
  • Standard - 3 x 1 hour live chess coaching sessions + study material.
  • Premium - 5 x 1 hour live chess coaching sessions + study material.

Comments from previous coaching students: 

"Quick response and delivery. Well constructed lesson and very educational. Wiebe even shared some extra tips later on and also a document with what we have discussed + some more bonus information. I would definitely recommend Wiebe!"


=> Sign up for online chess coaching sessions with Wiebe here.

Final Thoughts

Chess puzzles are great for helping you learn to recognize patterns and train your calculation, but won't help you when you misunderstood the position and took a wrong strategic decision. 

This is why it's a good idea to get a chess coach. When you have someone to analyze and provide feedback on your game, as well as share tips and advice, it makes all the difference. 

All of the online chess coaches above are experienced players and knowledgeable teachers who will be able to help you take your skills to the next level. 

Happy learning!


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