Tips on Eating Well

Tips on Eating Well - Improve Your Diet

Why eating well is important

Eating well  can help us feel happier, healthier and more energetic. And trying to make positive changes in our diet is something we can all try! It isn’t difficult but it just involves a little thinking and planning.

It is about replacing some foods with others that would be more beneficial for your body. Fortunately, there are many delicious yet healthy foods available to us.

What we really need to do is make simple changes to the way we think about the foods we choose and prepare. If we do that, we can reap the benefits that arise from eating well.

This page will give you some tips on eating well. It will explain how you can stay healthy by eating nutritious foods, with good portions. Moreover, it will discuss important aspects of a balanced diet and the part water plays.

Keeping it fresh...

An important thing to do when trying to eat well is to eat fresh foods. Concentrate on ‘real’ whole foods- not processed products. Modern pre-packaged foods are often packed with sugar, salt and fat. Too much of these can lead to heart disease and cancer. Here is a tip: When cooking, instead of frying, try boiling, steaming and baking.

 Cook with a variety of herbs and spices to cut down on salt. Cook meat well and get rid of spoiled food.


At each meal, your plate should be balanced. A balanced diet should include eating a variety different fruits, vegetables and whole grains. There should be more of these than meats and starches. Twice a week swap meat for fish. When you buy foods like rice, pasta, and bread try whole grains. Whole grains are wholesome and leave you feeling satisfied. 


Never Neglect The Most Important Meal of The Day

( Breakfast)

Make it a habit to always eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip breakfast, hunger will get the best of you. You will be more likely to overload on food and calories later on in the day.

During the day, have healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts. Get a taste for healthy foods like these instead of crisps and sweets.


Eat Well, Drink Well

Drink plenty of water, especially when the weather is hot and when you have been doing demanding work and exercise.

Water and unsweetened liquids help digestion, promote weight loss, cleanse your body and help you acquire healthy skin. Drinking plenty of fluids can help you look and feel your best. It is recommended to drink eight glasses of everyday.


Drink a large glass of water before each meal. This will fill your stomach. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and sweetened drinks, including soft drinks.

Caution !

Try not to eat too much. I know it can be tempting to pile your plate and go back for seconds... but resist that urge. Eat reasonably. There is a worldwide increase in obese and overweight people. This is partly due to huge portions and overeating. So set limits for yourself. In Addition, do not eat while watching TV as this can make you eat much more than you may realize.  


I hoped you have enjoyed reading my tips on eating well. It is important to take responsibility for our health and eat in a way that we can improve it. We can all try to maintain a measure of good health by making healthy choices from the foods that are available to us.

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