10 Facts About Hard Work

Here are 10 facts about hard work that uncover the truth about work and rewards.

Facts About Hard Work

1. Most of the time it's not glamorous

When you think of the term hard work, you think of nobility and excellence. We tend to admire and praise hard workers, yet truly hard working people know it's not just for show.

A lot of the time no one will know or recognise the effort you are putting in, but you still get on the job. In fact, that's the most important time to show up - when no one is there to applaud you.

The truth of it is that hard work is not glamorous - you're the only person who feels the tired ache of your bones after a long day or knows about the work you're putting in when everyone else is asleep.

2. But the results can be...

The struggle is not glamorous but the results can be. Yes. Hard work pays. And it's a beautiful motivation to keep working hard. Hard work bridges the gap between what you thought to be impossible and what is possible. There's no substitute for the satisfaction that comes from putting your all into something and then realising the fruitage of your efforts. 

3. People will think you are crazy

People will think you're crazy for choosing to work rather than play. They won't understand why you're so serious about it. They might constantly urge you to sit back, relax and live for the day. But your focus is so intense that you can't.

You're looking ahead into the future and your long term goals are so compelling that you're willing to forgo the easy life. This doesn't mean that you neglect your health and wellbeing, you make time for rest, but you are also aware that dreams don't work unless you do.

It's quite ironic: People will think you're crazy until you're a success, then they'll think you're a genius.

4.  It is deliberate 

Hard work is deliberate, not something that just happens. You can't just wish to work hard. Every hard working person you admire didn't just get there by accident. We work hard on purpose.  It's a choice you make about the sort of person you want to be and the sort of opportunities you want access to. Laziness is a tendency whereas hard work requires guided discipline. Success is not an accident and neither is hard work.

5. People may feel entitled to your results

When you work hard and your hard work pays off, you will increasingly find yourself surrounded by people with interesting mindsets. Some people will feel upset when they see you getting the results they didn't get from the work they didn't do. People love the results of hard work and may feel entitled when they see people around them getting those results. But that's not the way it works. There's no reaping where there wasn't anying sowing!

6. The Journey is Gold

We've been talking a lot about the results that come about from hard work, but that's not all. Don't forget the journey itself. As you're working hard toward a goal, you experience a tremendous amount of personal growth.

It's this growth that helps you to improve performance and achieve future goals. Failure too is part of the journey. Just because you're working hard doesn't mean you won't experience failure. You will fail many times, but this too is precious. You learn a lot more from failure than you do from success. 

7. It puts you on an equal playing field 

Hard work means you don't have to be talented, rich or have connections. But you can compete with those who do have those things, and even do better. Moreover, when you have to work hard for something, it protects you from being complacent, as you realise that you get out what you put in. 

8. Hard working people love hard work

Hard work is hard, but when you've become accustomed to it, you start to love it. Hard working people enjoy what they do and how they do it. They trust the process and love watching what can happen when they commit to something. When you repeatedly see good results from working hard, diligence becomes part of your personality. It becomes normal to go the extra mile at every opportunity you can, it would feel weird not to.

9. It gets easier

This is one of the best things about hard work. The longer you work hard, the easier the work gets. You learn how to work smarter, so you don't have to expend as much energy as you did in the beginning. Through practice and observation, you learn tips and tricks that can make your life easier. You become a pro...

10. It's best when paired with some rest 

Balance is key. Rest and relaxation is the cherry on the top of hard work. It's good to be able to enjoy yourself after working hard consistently. Otherwise, what's the point?

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