How to Make a Good First Impression
~ Tips That Really Work~

What’s the first thing that goes through someone's mind when they first hear or see you?

How do you envision it?

Today we’re looking at how to make a good first impression and tips to portray the best version of yourself in those crucial few seconds.

How to Make a Good First Impression - Tips That Really Work

We all subconsciously form first impressions every day:  as we move about, as we meet new people.

How can you use first impressions to your advantage though? Here are some ways on how to make a good first impression that will last.

Fraction-of-a-Second Some Say

It’s quite crazy when we think of how quickly we make those first impressions, and what they can mean for our relationships with others. It has been said that the instant we meet a person, we decide whether or not we like them, based on that first impression.

So now let’s get to the tips and techniques that will help you nail that good-first-impression-making.

Be Prepared!

Tip Number 1 is to be prepared. If you look prepared and put together people, will respect you and think highly of you.

  • Don’t be that person who’s ‘faffing’ around at a job interview, or is the only one who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

By having all your things together, and being ready – you’ll show others that you mean business and are able to take care of issues.

Sorry, Looks Do Count

The truth is, when it comes to first impressions, looks really do count.

  • Set yourself up for success by looking neat and presentable. As they say, dress the part.
  • People tend to scan others they first meet and those few seconds give you a chance to give a good representation of yourself by tasteful dress and grooming.

When you make an effort to look good, it makes you look responsible and pleasant. It will also help to boost your self-confidence for the occasion!

Pick Your Shoes Right. People Do Peek

You might not think so at first, but people do notice shoes.

Point is, complete your outfit by having clean and tidy shoes.

There’s no point looking all dressed up but then wearing sneakers.

Don’t make your feet let you down. It all adds up to making that fabulous first impression that you want.

It Helps to Be Alert and Conscious

This is kinda hard to explain, but is means so much.

  • Being alert creates a brilliant first impression because it reflects intelligent, care and interest.
  • It involves being alert to your surroundings and then responding accordingly.
  • Picking up the cues the other person gives off and responding in the right way.

You make a good first impression when you are flexible and you are willing to move along with changes that arise.

Use their name!

Make a fantastic impression by using the person’s name. It feels pretty good when someone who just met calls you by name, making that effort to acknowledge it ( & get it right).

Depending on the formality of the situation, you may need to use an appropriate title when addressing them though, so keep that in mind.

Go For Positive Remarks


A smile is the perfect way to greet someone as you meet them & will help ya break the ice.

Also a positive attitude will draw others to you and impress.

We love being around cheerful people. Additionally getting positive vibes from people helps to you grow that bond of friendship  right from the start.

Confidence over Insecurities

Shoulders back, chin up.

Make that good first impression by showing that you’re happy and confident.

  • Being confident in yourself and those around you is guaranteed to help you make that perfect first impression.
  • Arrogance is a no no –but genuine confidence is attractive.
  • It always helps to take a deep breath if you are not naturally confident.

Take your mind of your insecurities and focus on being natural and calm.

Timing Also Matters

What sets a better first impression than being on time?

  • We know for a fact that being late makes a bad impression when you meet someone for the first time.

This is an easy way that you can make a good first impression, all it takes is planning and that bit of effort to stick to your schedule or arrangements.

  • Leave yourself enough time so that when you arrive at your destination, you don’t look flushed and hurried.

Reliability? Tick.

No Need to Be Obnoxious

Just a sorta side note to tip number 6- avoid being loud & obnoxious. That could get you the wrong kind of attention and then leave you wondering where everyone went.

Respect the atmosphere and try to not make yourself the center of attention for the sake of ‘making friends’.

Show Interest By Posture and Q's

Another key way to make a good first impression is by showing real interest in who you meet.

  • Engage them in conversation and try to get to know them.
  • Carry the conversation in a way that shows you care what they have to say.
  • People generally love talking about themselves.
  • And who knows, you may be asked the same questions as they respond with interest in you, too.

Have a friendly, open stance, avoid having your arms crossed. Reach out your hand to give a warm, welcoming handshake.

Polite and regular eye contact is generally the way to go, but cultures differ as to expected posture.

You’ve heard this before – Be Yo Self

Although you’re putting in effort into making a great first impression, never forget to be yourself.

Relax and be you. Bright, friendly but the real you.

  •  Avoid putting a false front, as that won’t likely last long anyway.
  • Being truthful is definitely the best way to go when making an impression on someone.

Give them something good to remember you by.

Thanks for reading these tips on how to make a good first impression! First meetings happen so frequently that we hardly ever register them. Next time, however, see if you can incorporate as many of these tips as possible and watch how it  turns out.

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