The Passing of Time is a Beautiful Thing ...
5 Reasons Why

Time flies by. And as much as we usually try to hold on tight to time, recently I've been thinking a lot about how beautiful the passing of time actually is.

The Passing of Time is a Beautiful Thing

1. It solves so many uncertainties and worries of the past

One of the main benefits of the passing of time is the fact that it provides answers. Time provides answers to questions that are lurking in our minds. A lot of the time we worry about events that have not yet occurred. We wonder if something will happen, why something happened, and if something will change.

Normally, all we have to do is wait a few weeks or months and then things start to make so much more sense. We begin to understand the chain of events that led to a certain outcome. When that time moves from months to years, you feel a real sense of clarity - that initial state of panic and uncertainty has vanished. While time does not solve all problems, I've found that it has the power to solve a lot of worries and uncertainties.

When a measure of time has passed, you find peace of mind.

2. Time heals

Another reason why the passing of time is a beautiful thing is that time heals wounds. This may sound similar to the previous point, but there is a slight difference. The first point is based mainly on reason and understanding whereas this point refers to dealing with emotional heartache.

You may understand why a particular event happened the way it did, but that doesn't mean it no longer hurts you.

Often though, when time passes you start to feel less pain. You begin to adapt, and although the issue might still be sensitive, it no longer paralyses you the way it once did. Time has allowed you to heal, to become stronger, and to detach yourself (to a large extent) from what initially caused you great pain. You have had time to think things over. You have had time to cry yourself to sleep.

The problem no longer has the power to hurt you the way it once did. 

It's so beautiful.

3. You can (hopefully!) admire the way you've grown and changed

You can't expect me to talk about the passing of time on here, and not mention the huge link to personal development ;). The concept of time passing is almost synonymous with the idea of personal development.

Time passes, you change.

You learn some lessons from your experiences, and those lessons make you better.  

One area of life in which we seems to really love the concept of time passing is when we talk about puberty. Puberty, as we often like to admit, does wonders. Time passes, and we change physically. We change from awkward-looking pre-teens to adults who feel more comfortable in their fully-formed bodies. 

On a mental level, the passing of time always presents you with new surprises. When you look back of the way you have changed for the better, you swell with gratitude and relief that you weren't permanently frozen in those "less-attractive" stages of your life. You're thankful that growth happened.

The way you approach challenges has changed, as has the way you view people and situations in life. I am always amazed when each year goes by and I realise how different I am from the way I was 12 months ago.

4. You gain experience

As time passes, you learn new tips and tricks. You learn to avoid traps that your previous self would easily have fallen into. As time passes you go to new places, try new things and learn more about yourself. This is one thing you can guarantee - whether the experiences in your life are good or bad, they will shape your perception of the world.

Moreover, you can choose what you will take out of those experiences and how you will implement new ideas, whether they were discovered accidentally or deliberately. 

Time doesn't just teach you new things. It teaches you new ways to look at old things and how to do things with greater finesse and accuracy. The hours you spend trying to master a skill transform you to an expert, and as time passes you gain the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about more things.

5. You learn not to give up

The passing of time teaches you not to give up.

You learn that you don't always get what you want straight away, but you also learn that it doesn't mean you should stop trying. Time teaches you that situations get bad and they also get really horrible, but in the end things seem to work out fine. You learn that there are sacred moments of peace between moments of intense difficulty. 

Overcoming troublesome times in the past can give you a lot of hope for the future. You can think back on all the times you thought the world was going to collapse and realise that many times you were just over-thinking or worrying about things that didn't even exist.

The passing of time can be very encouraging, because it teaches you that the most difficult journeys often lead to beautiful destinations.

Do you value the passing of time? Why? Comment below!

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