Quotes About Fear  - So What Are You Afraid Of?

Let's see these quotes about fear. It has been said that fear is one of the greatest prisons that one can face. What do you think? Join the discussion.

When we look at the concept of personal development, fear is a very important thing to keep in mind. As many people would agree, if you want to go far with your plans and achievements, fear is something you need to know how to handle. Fear is a strong emotion. It awakens you to the various possibilities  of your situation, and is a sense of alertness that accompanies the perception that a person or thing is dangerous or threatening.

Fear can be thrilling, but it can also be limiting. This is because, at the end of the day, that dread or trepidation can hold you back. And maybe from a lot of things.

So let us see a few quotes about fear so as to come to terms with it, and observe the way others have tried to summarize this significant yet natural feeling.

"Everything You've Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side of Fear"

This is a quote I readily keep around me, because it is so motivating. Don't just brush over it. Have a good think. How many opportunities have you pushed to the side because you were scared of the unknown? Most people discover that the reason why they are not reaching many of the things they aspire for...is because they are scared. Fear seems to be our natural self-protection reaction. We don't know what will happen, so we run away.

The moment you start having a braver attitude and begin to confront your fears, you start to notice that you were the only one who was holding you back. I find that a lot of the time, we just want to find the simplest way of doing things. But sometimes to achieve a particular task - 'a simple way' does not exist. Sometimes you just have to get involved & get stuck in. You have to give it your all even if you do not know how everything will fall into place in the end.

Every single one of the goals that I have attained in the small number of years I've been alive, has been on the other side of fear. I've had to tell my inner doubts and fears to be quiet, and I've had to work hard and look to the future as if I have already accomplished the task.

Test this out yourself; think about something major that  you've accomplished recently. Was it incredibly easy and automatic to do? I doubt so.

What about your plans for the future? Are you nervous about something? Everything is open to you once you remove the veil of fear, and just give it a go. Fear is our brain's way of saying that there is something important for us to overcome.

"What if I told you that 10 years from now, your life would be exactly the same? I doubt you'd be happy. So Why are you Afraid of Change?"

The above quote talks particularly about change but I think that it is very appropriate for this subject. After all, change is one of the things we tend to fear the most.

I find this quote about fear quite clever and revealing, it is an interesting way to look at things. We all want to keep progressing in our lives, keep climbing obstacles and setting new records. We love results, yet we often fear the change and dedication that takes us there.

We would not be happy if our lives we completely static, so we need to deconstruct our fears and be more reasonable with ourselves. It is always helpful when you ask yourself: "Why am I afraid?". Have you created unrealistic worries for yourself?

Don't let your fears of what could happen, make nothing happen.

"Do one thing that Scares You Every Day"

The above is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, former president of the U.S. This quote about fear highlights the amazing value that fear can have if we use it to launch us out of our comfort zone to do creative things. When you do something that scares you everyday, you are facing your fears rather than fighting them. You are using fear to your advantage.

I regularly like to ask myself if I am overcoming my fears by doing something I normally would not, or something I find challenging. One of the top ways to be the best version of yourself is by constantly eliminating fears. You do this by proving to yourself that you can do things that you once thought were impossible.

So then my friend, what do you fear?

We should all be conscious about the reality of fear and understand that it is just a product of the thoughts you create. Every day, we should wake up stronger than the last and be ready to overcome the new potential fears and psychological obstacles that present themselves to us.

I hope you've enjoyed considering these quotes about fear, maybe it helped you to think about what your current fears are and ways that you can conquer them. Best wishes!


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