Reaping the Tempest | A Poem By Roli Edema

Here is a poem called "Reaping the Tempest". Its intensity matches the symbolic gust of wind that inspired it.

Reaping the Tempest - A Poem By Roli Edema

Bigger and better than in honour of fifteen

In honour of you, this poem should have been 

The honour that crashed and rolled into the deep 

Dear, all the awards you didn't get to keep.

Your crowning glory was the ship that got lost, 

Empty and fleeting, nothing but a heartless bust 

Should have taught you the science of when to look and to leap

A man likes to sow but doesn't like what he reaps.

I'm proud of knowing the pearl that you were 

The attraction proved strong, you were caught by the lure 

Now a fake flimsy shell, is all that's there 

Despite all you front, I know you'd concur. 

Forget all the future, and all recorded past

Your passion, your joy - you didn't make last 

Wonder what thoughts wreck your mind these days 

Today you will know that we've parted ways. 

Does all of the sorrow, not remotely bother you? 

It takes one to love one, full foolishness of youth 

You belong to millions, though I thought it was a few

Will the Rolex resurface and haunt all that you do?

Rejoicing in Beersheva, 7 like a sign

Thought I was winning, but you never were mine

Stay in your timezone, you really crossed the line 

When people break delicate things, they're subject to a fine.

The joy, pain and thrill - I feel it all now

When you've hit the bottom, you can't go further down 

It made for a pretty story, a story that will never be told

Who knows what life will be, when you're reflective and old?

So you're friends with my friends, how cute you all look

I wrote down the notes, and you all read from the book

Too bad I take it easy, not so hard to please 

My breezy nonchalance, I hope it still puts you at ease.

Not here to answer your questions - don't ask me about school 

To ask but not care, is not very cool 

Irresponsibility or apathy, I'll never be sure 

I've taken my medicine, but I don't have your cure.

I won't shed a tear if you don't see my value

No days, years, or life, my worry will accrue

The passing of time, what beauty it brings 

Those who have faith, will not lack good things. 

You say you can see but your vision is blurred

Your attraction, wholesome qualities apparently deterred 

Too good too good, still, took a flight to the hood

I see you hide, and you lie, like no person should.

The date of your birth, is none of my business 

I really don't care, my God is my witness

Don't mention my name, you don't know who I am

Though I paid attention to your life, filled up my RAM.

I hope you get all you were looking for 

But darling when you get it, don't ask for more 

Don't look back, don't whine, don't mourn the loss 

We learn painful lessons, opportunities we toss.

Your speciality - saying things strange to my ear 

And me - initialling my whiteboard then wiping it clear

Kids like to play games that adults do not 

Waste of time and energy, to tell the truth, quite a lot.

This isn't a roast, though you are quite a chicken

I hope you could read, could learn and could listen 

Happy one, sad one you were forever my love 

Until the day I was hit with the warning from above.

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