Recovering From Burnout
- How to Deal with Long-Term Stress from work or school

Feeling Burnt Out? Here are tips for recovering from burnout whether its from work, school or other stressful circumstances.

Burnout is basically a combination of feeling worn out and exhausted, often the impact of long-term stress. A  stressful work or school life for example, could lead to feeling burnt out. How can you handle burnout and get yourself feeling better and back on track? There are some specific steps you can take to deal with burnout. Let's look at them.

How to Recover From Burnout

Burnout is something we definitely want to deal with immediately, as it can have a negative effect on our health and well-being. When trying to recover from burnout, you want to look at all the activities you presently engage in from day to day, and make an effort to identify what could be making you feel this way.

Maybe you are constantly busy, with no time to rest because of a heavy workload. Burnout can be largely caused by the lifestyle we have chosen. If you find that you are overworking yourself to pursue career-related goals, it may be the reason you feel this way. 

If your burnout  is caused by work or school, you may feel trapped in an endless cycle, as though there is nothing you can do about it. But, by making some important decisions for your health and happiness, you can turn things around and recover from burnout.

Ongoing Pressure?

Granted, making big changes in your schedule might not always seem easy. Economic pressure may mean that you need to work hard, and for long hours, just to meet up with your family's needs. Even when you leave the office, it might be the case where work 'follows you home', and there is always a work-related task that you need to deal with. Fear of losing your job may even be a factor in this, you want to work even harder because of job insecurity.

Or maybe your burnout is due to a feeling of being treated unfairly. It may seem that you have piles of work because someone has not distributed tasks the way they should.

You likely want to gain back control.

You can.

Re-order aspects of your life

Many times, the only way to remove the feeling of being miserable and burnt out is to re-assess your priorities and re-order them. Perhaps some aspects of your life are receiving too much of your attention, while others are being neglected. Perhaps you are not taking proper care of your health - maybe you are skipping meals to focus on work or you feel so tired that you push regular exercise to the side.

To  put things back in place, you need to think about what is most important to you. At the end of the day, are not your family life, health and well-being the most precious things you have? If you feel burnt out, these things are likely going to suffer. So then, some changes need to be made.

To recover from burnout, you may need to assess your situation, and make an effort to simplify your life. To reduce this build up of stress, you may need to look into working fewer hours so you can have more space to breathe and relax. This can seem hard to do, but as we mentioned earlier - taking a look at what's really important in your life - will help you make a decision. Taking decisive steps might include meeting your employer and discussing ways to reduce a heavy work load.  It might even mean seeing if you can change to a job that will have fewer demands.

When you talk to your employer you should explain what you are willing to do, and show your commitment, but also be clear about what you are not able to do. The key is to be balanced and offer solutions that will meet both your needs and those of your employer. By using foresight, you can be prepared for the response. Be aware that your employer might threaten you with the prospect of losing your job, or may expect you to accept lower pay. Think every thing through and be resolved to not cross the line between what you know will work and what will be too much.

These steps may bring a change in your financial situation and earnings, but you should be fine as long you don't believe that your happiness is proportionate to your income level or the amount of things you can buy.

Simplifying to Deal With Burnout

If you begin to work fewer hours in order to deal with burn out then you may also have to simplify your lifestyle especially if you are earning less. To make the transition as easy as possible, you should talk to your family members and try to figure out ways that you can save money and reduce your expenses. You will want to lower and eliminate any debt.

These changes will help you live a simpler life which in turn, will help you recover from burnout. For the sake of the happiness of yourself and your family, it will be useful to learn how to be content, even with less. Its not as crazy or as scary as it sounds, because a simpler life results in greater freedom and satisfaction. You will then feel like you have more control over your circumstances, because in fact - you do!

To recover from burnout, some people have implemented simple money saving ideas such as cooking more food at home, to save money from eating out. They then had more opportunities to go for walks and improve their health. In the end, they reported that simplifying was not as hard as they thought, and it made their situation better.

When you adjust your focus to what is really important, you may discover that you don't need to make as much money as you thought you did. This way you can move away from a totally hectic work schedule to work arrangements that are more reasonable.

Many people would say that having that peace of mind is completely worth the small lifestyle changes they may have to make first.

Thank you for reading these tips on recovering from burnout. I hope you found them to be practical and helpful. Re-ordering your priorities and making necessary changes is often the best way to reduce stress and exhaustion. Burnout can make you feel utterly miserable, but making more time for yourself and your family will make you happier, even if it takes some effort to get there.

Do you have any tips on recovering from burnout and dealing with long term stress? Comment below!

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