Things to Remember When You Want to Postpone Exercise

It's incredibly easy to make excuses when you just don't feel like working out. Here are things to remember when you want to postpone exercise - to help you stay motivated!

Things to Remember When You Want to Postpone Exercise

1. Someone busier than you is working out right now

While I'm not an advocate of comparing yourself to others, this tip is probably the most powerful one in this article for those days when you really don't feel like exercising.

It's true - someone who 'has less time' than you has found a way to make it to the gym multiple times this week. Because it's important to them. First you've got to figure out how much you value being active and exercising - ponder on the benefits you get from it and how it makes you feel. Then start thinking about ways you can change your schedule so you can enjoy these benefits! 

Our circumstances are all different, but at the end of the day we all have only 24 hours and the way we spend those hours depends on what we care about. If that person who busier than you can do it - you can too!

2. Exercise reverses tiredness - you'll feel more energised 

Another key thing to remember when you want to postpone exercise is that you'll actually feel better when you're done working out. You might be sitting down on your sofa on a rainy day and thinking "the last thing I want to do today is get my dumbbells out and do cardio" but here's a reminder of how exercise boosts your energy.

When you exercises it improves blood circulation, improves your heart pumping volume, and improves your mood. These are just a few of the many good reasons to get up even when you feel like staying down. I'm sure you've experience the surge of energy that comes after a workout session, even if you felt tired before. Exercising regularly will also improve your energy levels in the long-term so that's another reason not to postpone your workout. 

Also don't forget that if you manage to get a workout in today chances are you'll sleep better tonight

3. Every decision counts in habit forming

Not postponing your workout is also a good idea if you want to form good habits. If you postpone your workout today, you'll probably feel more inclined to postpone it tomorrow, and so on. However you could choose to be tough and exercise anyway - thereby giving yourself the opportunity to start a positive streak. After all, our habits are made of the decisions we make on a daily basis.

If you want to reach whatever goals you've set for yourself, you will need to stick to your schedule. Just think how far you can come in the next 3 months if you manage to keep motivated and push yourself even when it's a little difficult. If you are able to maintain a good routine in this aspect of life it will likely also transfer to good habits all around the board!

4. Remember that slice of cake you ate this afternoon


Thinking about the treats you had recently can be good motivation to stick to your workout for the day. All those calories add up, and you don't want to pile them up, especially if you have a weight-loss target. This can also work the other way. Let's say that you are going on vacation soon and you know your diet is likely going to feature more chips, ice cream and other comfort foods.

Think about how you can get ahead of all that unhealthy eating by working out and trying to eat a healthier diet beforehand. When the time comes to relax, you'll feel more satisfied knowing you've kept that balance between treating yourself and keeping fit. Getting a few gym sessions in the weeks prior to that vacation will help you look and feel great too.

5. Dare yourself to be different this time

Challenge yourself. What if this time you jump right up and starting preparing to workout instead of avoiding it? If postponing your workout seems to be the default action, why not challenge yourself to fight that urge and see what happens? Working out is a lot easier when you give your workout routine some forethought and do exercises that you actually enjoy.

Perhaps you can think of ways to reward yourself each time you manage to overcome the laziness hurdle and get your exercise in (try to make it something other than food though, aha).

At the end of your workout take a minute to appreciate the amazing post-exercise feeling. Compare that with how you might have felt had you not exercised. Sometimes it's like a war between body and mind, so as much as you can, acknowledge the unwillingness but strive to take action anyway.

Happy exercising!

Thanks for reading! What thoughts help you to go ahead with your exercise even when you want to postpone it? Comment below and share this article with a friend!

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