Why Having a Good Sense of Humour is Important

How often do you laugh at yourself/others? Having a good sense of humour is both important and useful in our daily interactions, here are some reasons why.

Why Having a Good Sense of Humour is Important

1. You don't get offended as easily

Having a sense of humour can be very beneficial in trying situations. Instead of taking things personally and getting really offended, having a sense of humour can help you overlook issues that come up as you interact with others.

For instance, someone might have the best intentions while telling a joke that involves you. However, let's be honest - sometimes jokes come out the wrong way and  end up sounding like personal attacks.

Having a sense of humour helps us not to take those moments too seriously, and be able to understand why the person said what they did. It may even enable you to laugh along when appropriate.

2. You become much more relatable and understanding to others 

A sense of humour is also incredibly important and useful for relating to our fellow humans better. Having a good sense of humour is the difference between sounding relatable versus appearing to be aloof and apathetic.

For instance, humour often involves admitting one's mistakes, especially when someone else has just made a confession about their own mistakes. How much nicer it is to be around someone who gives proof of shared humanity, rather than trying to seem above it all.  

Being able to say "same" or something to the effect "I would have messed up too", helps others feel calm around you. 

3. You put people at ease 

People with a good sense of humour are so pleasant to be around.

Like we said before, people with a sense of humour tend to appreciate the way life is, rather than holding on to strict ideals.

When someone has a good sense of humour, you feel as though you're able to be yourself around them. That's mostly because you know that they aren't really going to be judging you, but they are able to put themselves in your shoes. 

Having a sense of humour is also important when something awkward happens, because a sense of humour can help to break the ice and normalise a tense environment.

It's actually ironic, because you would think people who can easily joke about things would not be emotionally sensitive in an embarrassing situation, but the opposite is often true. People with a sense of humour are still sensible. They are just less likely to overact to the embarrassing event, and are able to make you feel at ease with a funny but kind remark. They learn tact; knowing how to be indirect and when it's time to subtly turn the conversation to a lighter note. 

4. You find it easier to talk to new people 

A sense of humour is also a wonderful tool in new social situations.

Not surprisingly, those with a good sense of humour find it easier to make friends and talk to new people.

Think about it; they know how to make people laugh, and are able to laugh with other people. A good sense of humour helps you to find common ground quite easily.

Those with a good sense of humour don't feel like they have to impress others though - it's not pretentious. For instance, someone might tell them about their love of art, and a person with a good sense of humour might reply that they also enjoy art, but they "wish [they] could draw more complex things than stick men". You get the idea.

A good sense of humour helps to create a more relaxed environment, so the conversation just flows naturally and nicely; neither party feels pressure to impress or to be perfect. 

5. You develop a great sense of balance

Last but not least, having a sense of humour is important because it is linked with balance. When you have a sense of humour, you are able to read people's emotions, and respond appropriately. A sense of humour helps you to find balance between the serious things in life and lighter issues.

You're able to master the art of seriousness and formality when it called for, but you are also able to add beauty and life to a room by laughing with others or sharing a joke when appropriate. Having a good sense of humour is like the cherry on the top of one's personality. It gives one an aura of being friendly and approachable, and that is truly inviting. 

Do you think having a good sense of humour is important? Comment below!

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