Social Media Envy - The Other Side of the Online Story

Social Media Envy -It's a Real Thing

Social media envy is a real problem today.

  • It affects so many girls and sometimes even boys out there.
  • The internet is full of people and images that can make us question our self-worth and compare / judge the lifestyles of others to our own.

Here are the dangers involved and social media's biggest lies.

The Truth About Social Media Envy

Let's face it. Social media envy happens to us all at some point.

For those minutes we spend on social media sites, we are bombarded with jealousy-stirring stimuli. 

  • It can be things like seeing people with a devoted and extensive followership, attractive/close to perfection' posts, a gazillion like and comments, figure and friendship goals.
  • After time, it can be quite difficult to remain sane and self-approving.
  • The pictures and lifestyle that we are constantly surrounded by can makes us feel tiny, even insignificant.

Social media envy can happen with our friends, people we look up to, the rich, famous and celebrities. When we view the accounts of these people, we may start to compare ourselves to them.

Are We Too Afraid to Admit It?

Social media envy is something that I think we are all conscious of to some degree, yet it is still hard to come to terms with it and accept the facts.

  • Every day we immerse ourselves in the social media world we are reminded that on the internet, not all people are equal.

>>> This article is to expose the truth about social media envy and to help you avoid it. To rise above it all and be confident, no matter what the internet throws at you!

Social Media Envy and The Internet

The Fact:

Social media, such as Instagram and Tumblr are extremely influential on our perception of ourselves.

  • It can be very overwhelming if most of the accounts you follow are all fitness or beauty.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with those accounts, but the truth is, most of the time: you just can’t help but compare yourself to what you see on them.

It is human tendency to aspire, but social media envy takes it to a deeper and potentially dangerous level. This feeling tends to grow worse with time and exposure.

It's sad, but when you compare yourself to others only, It can make you feel like you are living life wrong.

Great, I Must Be Living Life Wrong

I Must Be Living Life Wrong - Social Media Envy

Social media sometimes makes us think that everyone else is living life perfectly, having such a great time 24/7, travelling, socialising, eating really great food.

I think a really important thing to remember is this: Social media is like a canvas. You can choose to create/portray your life however you want to.

So what will people naturally do with their social media accounts?

  • People will choose to share their highlights.
  • They will put up the best pictures of themselves, edit pictures till they are only satisfied and always post pictures that look like they're having THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES.

Therefore, social media is no true representation of real life. Let's be real. People on social media are still people, and no one's life is perfect 100% of the time.

It's Almost Sinister

What you see online can be very deceiving.

  • People can choose who they want to be in a way that actual, real human life does not permit.

If social media appearances were accurate, my face would permanently be spotless/flawless and my life would basically be a party.


Everything is not what it seems...

It's really essential not to compare yourself to others, especially those online- because the truth is- you do not know where they are at in their lives.

For all you know, the person who you think is living the happiest life may actually not be having such a good time.

Some people handle their difficulties by smiling for the camera.

  • There is a ridiculous amount of pressure with girls in particular, about body image.
  • On the internet, we are always pushed with somebody's idea  or image of a perfect woman.

Comparing yourself to others is not only unhealthy, but also pointless.

Dealing with comparison and social media envy can be a frustrating cycle.

  • You compare yourself to those on your account but then you walk down the street and someone else is probably wishing they were more like you.

How Ironic.

But It happens. A lot.

And just one negative comparing thought can snowball and leave you feeling bad. Most of us are not supermodels, but trust me, we are beautiful the way we are.

Social Media's Biggest Lies:

Here are some of the things social media makes people think. They're all ideas connected to social media envy and internet celebrities.

1. You have to look like the celebrities and you're only important if you do.

We are generally trained with the desire to look like online celebrities and envy them. Social media programs us to be jealous and feel bad about ourselves so products will sell.

2. Outward appearances and beauty are the most important thing in the world.

The outside is all that matters. Your appearance has to be fabulous all the time with the emphasis on beauty and fashion.

3. Those who have glitzy social media lives are superior. Period.

They lead better lives and thus you should want to be like them. They are a special breed of human and all lives are supposed to be like theirs.

4. It is only normal to be obsessed  with the famous people on social media and follow them like a religion.

It is only normal for social media kings and queens to have millions of followers. They should be worshiped because it is only normal. We need to follow their every move because their lives of glitz and glamour should guide ours.

Sound pretty crazy eh? Well if we are honest, these are basically the thoughts that social media tends to emphasize and it can lead to a serious amount of envy.

How to Overcome Social Media Envy

  1. Remove yourself off Instagram of Facebook etc. for a couple of days and see how you feel.
  2. It may be quite refreshing to separate yourself from the 'made up world' for a while.
  3. Catch yourself in the moment of comparison. And stop..

You don’t need to be that person and you don’t need to be jealous.

After all, for your whole life you are going to be you, never them.

So get comfortable with that unique privilege.

Here are some things that have been extremely helpful to combat bad thoughts and comparing myself to others:

'The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.'

'Do not compare your beginnings to someone else's middle.'

Thanks for reading :)

What are your thoughts on this? 

Any particular experiences with social media envy? 

Comment below!

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