How to Start Running
Tips For When You Decide to Start (soon!)

‘I Want to Start Running’.

‘It would be really awesome if I could get into running regularly’.

'But how would I stay motivated year round, especially during colder months?'

Has anything like that ever passed through your mind? Today we will be discussing tips on:

  • How to Start Running for Beginners
  • How to Start Running in the Winter
  • + How to Keep Going and Enjoy it to the Full,

for those who want to get fit this way!

How to Start Running - Tips For Beginners!How to Start Running - Tips For Beginners!

Tips on How to Start Running for Beginners:

1. Don’t Procrastinate It

Tip no. 1 Don’t procrastinate running.

One of the best tips on how to start running is to start today.

The longer you think about it, the longer you’ll have to figure out excuses against it. You know what, if you really want to start running, go for it as soon as you’ve read this article, even if it is for 10 minutes or so.

If you’re discouraged because you feel tired – try to get past that thought and just go for it!

Running is one of those things you do, and then when you finish - it leaves you feeling improved & refreshed (even if you were really tired beforehand).

If you’re discouraged because you feel like you don’t have the right shoes, don’t let that put you off either.

You can totally keep it simple. As you begin running you can just start off with comfortable shoes that will not get ruined, and then you can progress to proper running shoes (which you will just love).

How to Start Running /Stay Running in the Winter – (Canadians, this is for you)

During the winter it may be harder to run outside, especially if you live in a place where you get loads of snow of the ground.

  • If so, wear warm insulating clothing and then try to get running before the snow falls or when it clears up, (I know from experience that it’s not easy to walk let alone run when it is slippery on the ground).

Nevertheless, totally use opportunities when outside conditions are reasonable. Open your front door and start running around your area for a while, then come in and warm up with  a delicious hot chocolate.

  • Another tip I would give for running in the winter is to try and make use of indoor running venues, if the weather or surroundings outside terrifies you.

Indoor running venues normally have running tracks inside where you can run, jog and enjoy sprinting around. Check your local gym for such facilities. This way you don’t have to abandon your running program during the cold, winter period.

Take Advantage of the Summer!

Make the most of the warm weather, and summer. Get more involved in running!

If you live somewhere were the weather is fine all the time and the ground doesn’t get slippery in winter- congratulations.

You’ll be fine pretty much all year round.

The most motivating time to start running is during the spring/summer, not just because the weather is good for it, but because people are generally more motivated to exercise outdoors in preparation for the warmer months (and beach bodies).

But if you are in the heart of winter now – don’t leave your running plans to the next six months.

  • Still, make sure you that you make the most of summer when it comes around. Enjoy the sunshine, cool breeze and get running.
  • Try and find relatively relaxed summer running events that you can join or more hard core running opportunities that you can train for over time, when you are feeling more confident.


The Reason Why School Helped Me Run Better 
& What It Might Mean For You

I definitely have to say that sports days at school had a massive influence on my love for running.

You learn and improve a lot, during the process of sports day-type activities.

If you still have a opportunity to get involved in school sports days – I would definitely recommend that you make the most of the opportunity.

  • Participating in sport days are a  good way to learn about common running distances and get tips from instructors.
  • Moreover you can have a feel for what type of running  you enjoy most. It’s just the perfect atmosphere for a runner.

If your school days were a long time ago, you can still get together with some pals and organize a running/sport event day.

Having something to look forward to is a great way to keep you running and make amazing memories along the way.

Set Yourself Targets and Give Time

Why do so many people on this planet love running for exercise?

Well, for one thing, sometimes it’s most enjoyable to keep it simple. Running for exercise is not a fad – people have been doing it for centuries. It’s refreshing, it’s very versatile and IT’S CHEAAAP!

It’s also quite easy to build up.

  • You don’t start doing 10 miles a day. You've got to build it up.
  • You should start a pace that allows you to excel, and the vital thing is to never give it up.
  • With time you will overcome hurdles and smash goals and personal records.

Set targets regarding the distances, time and frequency you want to start running at, and go from there.

Research running tips so you can increase your knowledge, and hear from people who also enjoy running and have become good at it.

Remember that ALL Runners get tired and sore sometimes

Don’t try to go faster than you can, you don’t want to resign after your first time running. There’s no hurry, take it easy. There is joy in taking it slow at first and then progressing.

Running isn’t a walk in the park, especially as you work harder and you get to a level you yourself will be amazed at.

So never quit, and expect to get tired and have occasional aches and pains.

But, hey remember than being tired is not a reason to quit.

  • If you’re tired because you’ve completed a decent run, then give yourself a pat on the back and rest up until next time.
  • Things like this are common to the lifestyle of a devoted runner, you do not have to give up because of them.

Fuel Your Body to Run Well

Eat a lot of fruit, veggies and whole grains as you start your running plan.

Provide your body with wholesome nutrients and don’t weigh it down with ‘nonsense’ foods.

If you want to get serious with running, you should try your best to eat very well, as it’s equally as important as the physically journey.

You don’t need to go on some crazy diet though.

Think about improving your diet if you know you aren’t doing well now. Try to keep things in balance, but enjoy your meal times. 

Life-long Running

Running is a beautiful thing that you can carry on doing for a long time.

You can become a runner for life, by developing your love for running and keeping at it. You will do much to increase your well-being and your energy level.

There are many reasons why you may want to start running. Focus on the reason that has the most meaning for your life and pursue it with devotion. Invest in your personal fitness and an activity so ageless and revitalizing.

Happy running!

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