Welsh Male Names | Boy Name Ideas & Meanings

Here are welsh male names and their meanings. Including traditional welsh boy names that you might be familiar with, as well as some more unusual ones.

Welsh Male Names | Boy Name Ideas & Meanings

Welsh male names for baby boys in alphabetical order...

Aeron - Derived from the river Aeron in Ceredigion, Wales.

Afan - Derived from the river Afan in Wales, a river whose river valley formed the territory of the medieval Lords of Afan. Also the name of a Celtic saint. 

Aled - Meaning: Offspring. 

Alun - Meaning: Harmony, noble. Also the name of a small river in Pembrokeshire, Wales. 

Alwyn - Meaning: Wise friend, blessed. Old Teutonic meaning: Loved by all. Alwyn is a very traditional Welsh first name that's also used as a surname. Variant: Alwin. 

Amlodd - Meaning: One who is close to nature. 

Anarawd - Derived from the name of Welsh ruler Anarawd ap Rhodri who was a King of Gwynedd in Northern Wales. 

Andras - Meaning: Manly, Brave. 

Andreas - Meaning: Manly, Brave. Welsh form of name Andrew. 

Aneurin - Meaning: Man of honour, Gold. Variant: Aneirin. 

Arfon - Meaning: Across from Anglesey. (Anglesey is an island in Wales, off the mainland's northwest coast. 

Arthus - Meaning: Bear hero, a rock. 

Arvel - Meaning: Cried Over. Variant: Arvil. 

Arwel - Meaning: Prominent.

Badden - Meaning: Boar.

Barri - Derived from Barri Island, a seaside resort in Glamorgan, South Wales. Barri is one of the most common welsh male names given to baby boys. The meaning of the name can vary according to region. In addition to the above meaning, the name Barri could also mean a grove or coniferous forest. 

Bedwyr - Name belonging to Bedwyr Bedrydant, a knight of the Round Table of King Arthur. This character is known for returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. 

Berwyn - Meaning: White hair, fair-haired. 

Bevan - Meaning: Son of Evan.

Bevin - Meaning: Youthful. Variant: Bevyn. 

Bleddyn - Meaning: Wolf (Wolf's cub). Also the name of an 11th-century king of medieval Wales. Pronounced Bleth-in. 

Bran - Meaning: Raven. 

Brychan - Meaning: Speckled, Spotted. 

Bryn - Meaning: Hill. 

Brynmor - Meaning: Large hill. 

Cadell - Meaning: Spirit of the Battle. 

Caden - Meaning: Spirit of the Battle. This name rhymes with names like Aiden, Braedon, and Jaden, and has a quite modern appeal. 

Cadfael - Meaning: Battle prince. (I'm noticing a trend with the C names so far?)

Cadoc - Meaning: Battle.

Caerwyn - Meaning: White fortress, Fair Love. 

Cedwyn - A traditional Welsh name. A Welsh saint. 

Ceri - From the Welsh word Caru, meaning: To love. 

Dafydd - Welsh variation of the name David. Meaning: Beloved. 

Dai - Meaning: To Shine, Beloved. Diminutive form of Dafydd. 

Deiniol - Welsh variation of the name Daniel. Meaning: God is my Judge. 

Derfel - Meaning: Oak Prince. Variant: Terfel. 

Derwyn - Meaning: Oak Tree. Variant: Derwen. 

Dewi - Diminutive of Dafydd. 

Dilwyn - Meaning: Fair, White, Blessed. Variant: Delwyn. 

Dylan - Meaning: Son of the Waves, Born near the Sea. 

Edryd - Meaning: Descent, or Restoration. 

Eifion - Name of the grandson of King Cunedda. Often seen as a surname. 

Eirwyn - Meaning: White as Snow. 

Elgan - Meaning: Bright Circle. 

Emiyn - Meaning: Waterfall. 

Emlyn - Meaning: Industrious. 

Emrys - The Welsh form of the Greek Ambrose, meaning: Immortal. 

Emyr - Meaning: Ruler. 

Eurig - Meaning: Gold.

Evan - Welsh form of the name John. Meaning: God is Gracious.

Folant - Meaning: Strong. 

Fychan - Meaning: Small. 

Fyrsil - Meaning: Bears the Staff. Welsh form of the name Virgil. 

Gareth - Meaning: Gentle, Modest, Brave. Diminutives: Gar, Garth. Sir Gareth was a legendary knight of King Arthur's Round Table.

Gavan - Meaning: Hawk of the Battle, White Hawk. From the medieval name Gawain. Variant: Gavin. 

Geraint - Meaning: Old. A character from Welsh folklore and Arthurian legend, a king of Drumnonia and a valiant warrior. 

Glanmor - From the words glan (clean) and mor (great). 

Griff - Meaning: Fighting Chief, Fierce. Derived from Welsh name Gruffudd. 

Gwallter - Welsh form of the name Walter. Meaning: Ruler of the Army. 

Gwendelyn - Meaning: Fair, Blessed. 

Gwern - Meaning: Old. 

Gwernach - Meaning: Dwells by the Alder Tree River. 

Gwyn - Meaning: Fair, Blessed. 

Halywn - Meaning: Salt. 

Harri - Meaning: Home Leader. Welsh form of Harry. 

Hedd - Meaning: Blessed Peace. 

Hefin - Meaning: Summer. 

Howell - Meaning: Eminent. 

Huw - Meaning: Intelligent. Welsh form of the name Hugh. 

Ianto - Meaning: God is Gracious. One of the Welsh forms of the name John. 

Idris - Meaning: Ardent Lord. 

Idwal - Meaning: Lord of the Wall. Derived from Welsh 'udd' meaning 'lord, prince' combined with 'gwal', meaning 'wall, rampart'. 

Iestyn - Derived from Latin word for 'Righteous'. Also a Welsh form of the name Justin, meaning 'Just'. Variant: Iestin. 

Ieuan - Meaning: God is Gracious. One of the Welsh male names that is equivalent to John.

Ifan - Meaning: God is Gracious. One of the Welsh forms of the name John. 

Ilar - Meaning: Cheerful.

Iorweth - Meaning: Handsome Lord. Diminutive: Iolo. 

*Did you notice that many of the Welsh male names beginning with I are are form of John? Interesting.

Jac - Meaning: God is Gracious. Welsh form of the name Jack. 

Jesstin - Just, Upright, Righteous. A Welsh form of the name Justin. Variants: Jestin, Jeston. 

Kelyn - Meaning: Legendary Son of Caw. 

Kimball - Meaning: War Chief. 

Kynon - Meaning: Legendary Son of Clydno. 

Lewys - Meaning: Fame and War. Welsh form of Louis or Lewis. 

Luc - Meaning: Light. Welsh form of the name Luke. 

Llion - Full name: Caer Llion. Meaning: From Caerleon. 

Lloyd - Lloyd is a name originating with the Welsh adjective, Llwyd, meaning Grey. 

Llywelyn - Meaning: Leader, Lion-like. Variants: Llywellyn, Llewelyn. Diminutive: Llew. Llywelyn became a popular Welsh male name after the successes of Llywelyn the Great (r. 1175-1240).

Mabon - Meaning: Legendary Son of Modron. 

Macsen - Meaning: Greatest. Welsh form of the name Maximus. 

Maddox - Meaning: Fortunate, Son of Madoc. 

Madoc - Meaning: Charitable, Benevolent. Madoc was the name of a 10th century Welsh prince who, as legend has it, discovered America well before Columbus. 

Madog - Meaning: Beneficent. 

Maldwyn - Meaning: Brave Friend. 

Maredudd - Meaning: Great Battle Lord. 

Martyn - Meaning: Warlike.

Medwyn - Meaning: Strong Friend. 

Meic - Meaning: Who is Like God? Welsh form of the name Mike (Michael). 

Mercher - Meaning: Messenger of the gods. Welsh form of the name Mercury. 

Morgan - Meaning: Sea Defender. 

Myrick - Meaning: Dark-Skinned, A Moor. Form of the name Maurice.

Ninian - Derived from St. Ninian, a 5th century bishop sent to Scotland to convert the Picts to Christianity. 

Odgar - Meaning: Legendary Son of Aedd.

Osian - Derived from the Irish legendary poet and warrior Oisín. Meaning: Little deer. 

Owen - Meaning: Young Warrior, Well Born, Noble. 

Pany - Meaning: Son of Harry.

Pryderi - Meaning: Legendary Son of Pwyll. 

Prys - Meaning: Son of Rhys.

Robat - Meaning: Bright Fame. Welsh form of the name Robert. 

Rhain - Meaning: Lance, Spear. 

Rhys - Meaning: Enthusiasm. Reese and Reece are the anglicized versions of this name.

Saer - Meaning: Carpenter.

Siarl - Meaning: Manly. The Welsh form of the name Charles.

Siencyn - Meaning: God is Gracious. The Welsh form of the name Jenkins. 

Steffon - Meaning: Crown, Wreath. Welsh form of the name Stephen.

Taliesin - Derived from name of 6th century poet.

Tarran - Meaning: Thunder.

Tegan - Meaning: Darling, Loved One. Is the Welsh Word for Toy. 

Terrwyn - Meaning: Fair and Brave.

Trahaearn - Meaning: Very much like Iron.

Trefor - Meaning: Big Village.

Wmffre - Meaning: Friend of the Huns (bear cubs). The Welsh form of the name Humphrey.

Wyn - Derived from the Welsh name Gwyn. Meaning: White, Blessed.

And that's a wrap! Compiling this list of Welsh male names was an interesting challenge. Some of these names are quite unusual and you won't easily come across them, even on the internet. Notice any patterns? A lot of the welsh male names end in wyn...wyn means 'fair'.  Now that you've conquered Welsh boy names, here are some girl ones

Thanks for reading! What are your favourite welsh male names?

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