What Causes Shyness?

What causes shyness | The challenge in social life

Does your heart start to pound whenever you face a crowd?

Do you feel your face flush every time you receive a compliment? If so, you are not alone.

Many people feel the same way you do. What causes shyness?

You may find it quite challenging to talk to others- strangers or not- but that does not mean you are ‘stuck up’. You may just be shy.  I hope that the information in this article will help you understand what causes shyness. It should help you see steps you can take to overcome shyness.

What It Means to Be a Shy Person

 Let us get to terms with what it really means to be shy. Being shy is when you become really self-conscious around others and may feel uneasy- especially when it comes to conversing with them. 

You might find that you become so nervous that you have butterflies in your stomach and you simply cannot speak.

Maybe you do speak - but you talk so softly that you can’t be heard anyway.

Alternatively, you may get all flustered and may start chatting away randomly, saying things you do not mean to say.

Shyness shows itself in different ways in different people.

Some find that shyness is a constant thing, that are constantly worried about how people view them and they remove themselves from doing things that might place them in the centre of attention.

Others only feel shy in certain situations like when they are performing in public.

Why am I so Shy?

Shyness is a reaction to a situation. It is about what you do, not who you are.

It starts with how you view yourself, your self- confidence.It is a behaviour that you have learnt from past experiences- but do not worry- it can be unlearned.

You may have just accepted the label that you are shy- and lived in harmony with that tag.

Shyness is an action that reflects what may be going on in your head. The view that you are odd or even inferior.

 How Shyness really affects you...

Shyness can make it difficult for you to think clearly and communicate in the way you wish to.

As you are worrying about the image of yourself

that you’re displaying, it’s hard to focus and calm down. Sadly, this means that the other person does not get to see the real you. They may receive the wrong message about your true personality.


Shyness may make you feel that everyone is always making a negative judgement of you and so you expect everything to turn out badly. Perhaps things do turn out that way- but because you are tensed and behave in harmony with your beliefs.


 In the presence of others, you wonder how to control their impression of you or escape the situation. You lack confidence in yourself. You have low self-esteem. You feel unimportant.

But that does not mean you are. Those who are worth having as friends will only judge by what you stand for, the sort of person you really are inside.

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So you know what causes shyness, but

How can you overcome shyness?


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