What is a Visionary? 5 Qualities That Will Make a Difference...

What is a visionary? What makes a person one? Here are some key qualities displayed those who can be defined as visionary leaders, traits that we can all learn from.

What is a Visionary? 5 Qualities We Can All Strive to Develop

1. Belief in the vision. It's not a joke. 

What makes a visionary? Well a visionary has to have a powerful vision for the future. Something they would like to contribute to the world, or improve in day-to-day life. The important point is that they have relentless belief in that particular vision, allowing nothing to cloud their focus on it. Even if others call them crazy or unrealistic, they are not deflated or defeated, because their confidence is deeply rooted. 

A visionary is therefore not easily swayed by the words or criticism of others, because if they were, their idea would be short-lived and fruitless. There's an interesting quote about visionaries that makes me smile -  "Visionary: a name given to successful people who didn't listen when they were called delusional." 

How true.

2. They may be a visionary...but they do a lot more than dream

Another criteria for being a true visionary is making your actions match your words. The dream or vision is a starting point, but visionaries must go a lot further than just wishful thinking.

Visionaries would never get anywhere if they didn't make solid plans and take action on them. A visionary is a very highly-motivated individual who directs their energy into that one cause that means the world to them. 

A visionary's work ethic is far above average, and it is never forced, it is literally fuelled by that strong desire to reach the end goal. A visionary is willing to make personal sacrifices, such as giving up a night's sleep to finish an important project. Visionaries don't have to be pushed - the vision pulls them to give their all. 

3. Willingness to try new ideas

A visionary is always willing to try something new. They get excited about testing new ideas as they know that it is part of the process of learning and improving. Visionaries love to get new perspectives on the same issue, and are constantly asking people questions. Being a visionary is about problem solving, so it is no surprise that the role requires flexibility and being willing to act on new knowledge. 

Being a visionary means having the right balance of knowing when to leave something behind, and knowing when it's time to adopt a new mentality. Visionaries are not afraid of change, even though change can be uncomfortable at first. They are able to see how an idea can be beneficial long-term, and see far past the visible surface. 

4. Infectious enthusiasm 

Visionaries are noticeably happy and excited when discussing their vision.

The amount of hard work and effort that they have to put it doesn't make them grumpy or annoyed. Instead, they are energetic and glad to be doing what they do.

And that enthusiasm is infectious; people who work with them find them to be a source of inspiration and look to their confidence with intrigue and wonder. What is more inspiring than a person with relentless drive and unswerving commitment?

A visionary's enthusiasm is preserved despite experiencing setbacks and disappointments. What is so motivating for them? The idea that everything they've ever imagined could actually happen, and that they can be the driving force for such massive development. 

5. Persistence is real

Persistence. It's probably one of the more obvious traits of a visionary. Visionaries take persistence to a whole other level. They just do not give up. A visionary lives for a higher purpose. Thus there is no room for compromise, or settling for something less than the original vision.

A visionary must be dedicated, and to be honest, they would want it no other way. When we think of visionaries we think of people who have made big achievements. Would they have made such an impact if they let obstacles dampen their spirit, or stop their work? No way. 

Visionaries are in it for the long term. And they have to be, because their goals tend to be drawn out over years. They do not expect to be perfect after a week, a month, or even a year. This unwavering commitment to achieving their goals is what enables them to make the impact they desire. 


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