Why Your Job Doesn't Define You

Yes, it's true that your job influences you and the way you approach certain things in life. But your job doesn't define you completely. Here are good reasons why.

Why Your Job Doesn't Define You

The way you view your job determines how much you appreciate the title of this post. For some, their job brings them absolute pride. Perhaps they are really proud of the company they work for, or the title they hold. For others, their job is just a job, and they'll be the first to admit that they don't find it quite so glamorous. No matter what your job is, the fact is that you are so much more than your job title. 

1. Jobs Change

One reason that you are not your job is due to the reality that many people change their jobs quite frequently. Chances are you've been through a few different careers during your working life.

Being at those different jobs probably taught you a few things that have shaped you into the person you are today. However, you likely don't identify yourself with a job title you had at your part time job during high school. Even your present job or a job you've had for many years can be viewed as temporary and short in view of the many years of non-work experiences you've had. 

2. Your job may be nothing to do with your interests/loves

Another reason why your job doesn't define you is because your job may have nothing to with your interests. Many people apply for jobs to pay the bills and get a steady income. Sadly, not too many people have a job that aligns perfectly with their hobbies and interests. The things you do in your spare time are a better way to define yourself, rather than a job which you may have just stumbled upon. 

3. You likely have greater achievements than your job

What achievements and memories bring you joy and pride? Another reason why our jobs don't define us is because time spent working is time spent for someone else.

It's likely that you've achieved your greatest achievements during time off from work, on the weekend or in the evening when you return from work. Moreover, while you may be very productive and effective at work, your greatest achievements probably involve friends, family and personal projects. 

Achievements such as learning a new language, overcoming a major fear, running a marathon or painting a masterpiece, are probably independent from your work.

Such achievements are actually the sort of things we put on our resumes as extracurricular activities and interests rather than things that result from our jobs. Yes you may have done great things at work, but the achievements that make you most proud probably happened elsewhere. Such milestones are a better representation of who you are than your job title or workplace. 

4. Your life is made up of the moments inbetween your job

Finally, you aren't defined by your job because the precious moments in life happen in between your 9-5. Think about the moments in your day that make you smile: eating a tasty donut during your lunch break, watching your favourite television show in the evening, going for a refreshing jog on Sunday morning.

Our days are composed of routines and spontaneity. While we may talk about the routines when people ask us about our lives, the spontaneous moments are the moments that infuse happiness and meaning into our days. Even during your work day, the memories, conversations, realisations and experiences you have at work mean more than simply the job-related activities. 

You are so much more than your job. 

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