6 Ways to Feel Happier Right Now

Let's look at six simple ways to bring a smile to your own face and de-stress. These ways to feel happier will help you to have a brighter outlook and start feeling more cheerful.

6 Ways to Feel Happier Right Now6 Ways to Feel Happier Right Now

1. Decide That You Want To be Happy

As much as this might sound cheesy, the most important step is to decide that you want to be happy. Someone once explained to me that happiness is a choice, and the truth of that statement is really evident. You're the only person who can decide to let go off things that could cause unhappiness and have a brighter outlook.

As you probably already know, it is about perspective and choosing what angle you want to approach things at. It does not matter how much or how little you have. It is not even about what the other person did to you, you may have been hurt but you don't have to feel that pain forever. Right now, by telling yourself that you matter and that being happy is good for your health, you can take yourself so far.

You can feel happy right now if you want to.

2. Feed Yourself Well

You can make yourself feel happier right now by taking the extra care to organize your meals properly. Don't cheat yourself by eating badly. Try to add more fresh food in your daily meals and cut back on the junk food as much as you can. Eating a lot of fatty and sugary foods on a consistent basis won't help you in the long run, so only have those things once in a while and show your body some love by looking after it.

Studies show that people who eat a lot of unhealthy foods can have less neurological balance which can lead to not feeling good about yourself. A good way to go with feeding yourself well is to add more greens as well as fruit to your plate. You'll be surprised how much a healthier diet can add to your joy!

3. Make a List of Positive Things

Either in your head or on paper, make a list of 5 things you have to smile about or that make you grateful each day. Many times we get wrapped up in our problems that we forget that there are things that we can actually be really thankful for. How about the fact that you got up this morning? The fact that you are alive and well is enough to think about and start feeling grateful.

If you start to notice and point out the good things in your life everyday, you will form a good routine and eventually the good will overpower the bad because you will develop a more positive attitude. You'll see that for every reason to frown there are one hundred reasons to be happy.

Write or think about these five things either when you wake up or before you sleep at night. Include whatever comes into your head, no matter how big or small it might be. This is a massive step you can take to step away from stress and bask in happy feelings.

4. Do that Task You've Been Putting Off

Been planning to go on a run for a few weeks now? Or perhaps you said you would do something at the beginning of the year but now months have passed. Get those jobs done and feel a sense of relief and satisfaction. It can actually be an uncomfortable feeling when you plan many things that you desire to  do, but then you don't get around to doing them. Check things off your to do list.

Procrastination can strip your happiness away. A study at Carleton University demonstrated how the measure of depression correlates with scores on the measure of procrastination. Self-regulation is the key. Sometimes you've just got to get on with a task even if  the other options look more appealing. You'll be pleased with yourself when you conquer the task you've been avoiding.

5. Clean

Many people notice that if their space is messy it can make them feel down. But once they start tidying things up, it brightens their mood and makes them feel like they've got more control. Sorting out your space can help you organize yourself mentally and give you good feelings. Sometimes there's nothing as refreshing as coming back to a clean house and a bed that's well made.

Cleaning is also a good way to stay productive and keep your mind off any negative thoughts. After all washing the dishes and vacuuming are quite neutral activities that you can do calmly and peacefully.

6. Chat With a Friend

Meet with a friend to chat about life. It's nice to have a companion with whom to discuss things that are on your mind. It does not even have to be a heavy conversation. It can just be checking up on your friend and then telling them what you've been up to. It's basic communication, but connecting with someone this way can help you feel loved and looked after.

Eat, go out for a coffee or even work out together. What you do does not matter as much as the fact that you get to spend time with them and hear from them. This can make your day so much more enjoyable and give you an opportunity to speak freely with a loved one.

Thanks for reading!

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