Why Discipline Equals Love

The topic for today is Why Discipline Equals Love. We may have to discipline ourselves in our daily life or even receive constructive criticism. Here's why it means true love.

why discipline equals love

What's the Point of Discipline? How Does it benefit you? Isn't it better to do whatever you want? This is Why Discipline Equals Love.

Today we are primarily going to be talking about 2 types of discipline: Self-Discipline and Discipline with others.

Why Discipline Is Important...

Gotta Have That Self-Control

So what does discipline mean? What image does the word bring up in your mind? Well the word discipline can also be swapped for the terms Self-restraint, Self-control and Will Power.

Basically, when we discipline ourselves, we hold something away, hold something back – for our own good.

And so obviously it isn’t easy to discipline ourselves. It is essentially saying to ourselves – you are not allowed to do this , and no that is no use – so you can’t do it.

Its being the boss of whatever situation we want to change and separating our heart (or what we really actually want to do) from our actions (what we do in the end).

The point is – Discipline is really important. If we didn’t take a step back, bite the bullet and control ourselves, we would never experience progress. Think about the last thing you achieved that made you feel really proud. Chances are you would never have got that far if you didn’t discipline yourself. If you didn’t draw the line or set the goals for yourself.

There are so many instances in our lives when we may discipline ourselves. When we want to stay on top of our eating habits, trying to give up a bad habit, or simply trying to do something better.

You have to say no- I will not even look at that extremely unhealthy dessert, I will only surround myself with positive influences to help me quit ….. or I will practice my handwriting until it is clear and legible.

It’s quite amazing when you think about how powerful discipline is and how much we need it in our lives.

Oh that looks tempting...

If we didn’t discipline ourselves, we would make excuses again and again and then end up disappointed. Disappointed because we don’t have that inner strength push things aside and get work done.

‘”Oh looks there’s the ‘temptation’ “.

“Ehh…It probably won't matter if I give in just this time”.

“Yeah I should just be easy on myself and do whatever.”

“Oh dear.

“Shouldn’t have done that.”

Time passes.

“Oh look there’s the tempation.”

And it starts all over again.

What would have been the right time to avoid the temptation? At the beginning right?!

That’s why discipline equals love. When we take time and make the effort to say no to ourselves, right from the start - we actually save ourselves a lot of frustration and disappointment in the end.

Become your own worst enemy before becoming your own best friend.

How far can you see?

We may think that we should just let ourselves go, and indulge in our every whim. But in the long run – you can really suffer from it. If you don’t discipline yourself, you brain begins to think its ok. It even becomes normal. And then there’s no way out. Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements. It’s the special middle step that takes you where you really want to be.

Loving yourself is being able to put off short term gain for long term happiness.

It's a Daily Affair

Disciplining yourself is a daily affair. If you want to make a strong and positive impact on the way you do things- you’ve got to practice it daily. To get stellar results, you’ve got to change something you do every single day of your life. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

What does that mean?

When you discipline yourself you have to either:

  • Learn to say no to a challenge you face everyday (and do it often)
  • Learn to go ahead and just do something you want to add to your daily routine.

When you repeatedly motivate yourself to do something even when you’re not 100% with- it is discipline and also the way to success.

Discipline With Others

When I think about discipline with others I always think about parents. After all the most discipline we get when we grow up tends to be from our parents. But how does discipline equal love in this situation?

I like to think about 2 kinds of parents: the ones who instill discipline and those who allow everything and anything.

With the latter, the child is more likely to get out of control and this often comes back to hurt them. At the time, they may think they are living the best life ever. But then serious and difficult situations come up and the child (and eventually adult) is unable to cope with them. They haven’t built up the strength to tackle tough situations, because everything was always oversimplified or ignored so they would be happy. Temporarily happy.  So although discipline is not always the easiest thing to go through, it always brings the best results.

It’s not love to let someone you love get out of hand without stepping in and helping where you can.

Discipline is the combination of a caring eye and firm gesture. The words to build up and the arm to help a person get up.

How Discipline Can Improve Your Life

Discipline can do so much for you. That is something I have particularly experienced while in school. If you are disciplined, you manage to do your homework on time or study in advance so you significantly reduce stress.

Other examples of the benefits of discipline include:

  • Having more time in the day – because you are able to focus and execute.
  • Peace of mind – knowing you are sticking to your goals and being balanced. You avoid mental worries and disturbances.
  • You are respected - if you can discipline yourself well you are more likely to become a role model to someone else.
  • Staying Healthy – Healthy and fitness require fitness and dedication.
  • Good relations with people – you are more trustworthy and you are known for self-control.

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