12 Simple Tricks to Overcome a Bad Mood

12 Simple Tricks to Overcome a Bad Mood and Start Feeling Better!

Having a bad day? Here are 12 Simple Tricks to Overcome a Bad Mood and start feeling better, even if you're feeling pretty low.

(By the way, this is a long one so make sure to bookmark it if you need to read it later!)

First, have you ever wondered what causes you to be in a bad mood?

What Scientists Say About The Cause &
How to Overcome a Bad Mood

A bad mood can really change how our whole day unfolds. Why do we get bad moods, and can we do anything about it?

Of course, there are many (and a wide range) of triggers that can put us into a low mood.

  • A bad mood can be caused by something like not eating lunch to weighty issues like financial difficulty and strained relationships.
  • It really has a lot to do with the person and the pressures in their life.

Here are a few things to note:

Psychologists believe that bad mood originates due to ego depletion.

  • We all have a stress threshold, when you pass the line you get in a bad mood and this manifests itself in reactions such as anger, irritability or cynicism.
  • This increases your level of the stress hormone corstiol, as well as your blood pressure.

The result?  You feel drained and cranky all day.

Watch Out! It Changes the Way You View the World

A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that being in a bad mood can greatly change your perception of the world.

Researchers found that being in a bad mood gives you a sense of tunnel vision.

This is an interesting thing to remember, before you act under such stress.

Essentially, a brighter mood helps you to see a wider view of your surroundings.

Bad Mood Busters!

Let's Handle It.

Now that we've looked at some scientific insights and why we are in a bad mood sometimes, let's look at how to handle it.

Here are some SIMPLE bad mood busters, that you can do easily to relieve yourself of negative feelings and stress.

1. Cuddle a Cute Animal,  or  Google Baby Elephants.

There is something remarkably connected with cute animals and happiness.

If you have a pet, cuddle/ play with your pet. If you are an animal person, a friendly furry creature can instantly brighten up your day.

If you don't have a pet, that's OK. Pictures of baby elephants and such on google, will generally evoke an ounce of joy.

2. Disconnect from things that may drain

Rejection seems to be a feeling that's linked with too much social media usage. One way or another, it just seems that spending a really long time on social media sites makes us feel left out or excluded.

This is enough attract a bad mood.

A great way to overcome a bad mood is to just disconnect. No matter what you may be doing, find a moment to disconnect, and leave, for a while.

  • Switch off your phone, enter the real world,  get a change of scene.

  • If you stay in an environment that drags you down, it will continue to nag at you and play on your mind.

  • Take a break from whatever it is that could be draining you and leave the bad mood behind.

3. Sleep.

This is an obvious but often neglected way to overcome a bad mood.

Maybe you are just exhausted.

It's not just babies that get cranky when they're tired.

  • Recharge your batteries with a 15 minute power nap, or more if you can "afford" it.

Harvard Medical School's Division of Sleep Medicine points out that if you get a low level of sleep for 7 days, it can increase feelings of mental exhaustion, anger and sadness.

4. Count Your Blessings to beat negativity

How to start feeling good?

Think about All of the Good Things in Your Life!

  • Cultivating gratitude can help you to completely raise your mood, and become aware of all the reasons you have to be really, really happy.

  • Make a list of Five Things in your life that you are grateful for, and just spend a minute to think about them.

Many times, the force you need to turn that frown "upside down", is right within you.

Count your blessings, and you are likely to start smiling at yourself for the achievements and gifts that make you feel good.

5. Low-Self Esteem? Do this.

Like we said before, a bad mood can often be caused by the way we feel about ourselves.

Yes its true, some days we wake up just feeling bad about ourselves, for no apparent reason.

When your self esteem is in a slump, do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

  • For example, for girls this might be a nail painting sesh or putting on some makeup.
  • Wear something you feel good in.

Making the effort to change little things like this will make such a difference and make you feel like you've got more control of your life. It will increase your feelings of self-worth and boost that confidence.

6.  Stop Over Working.

Workaholics don't just set themselves up for poorer physical health, but mental health too.

Though you might be overworking due to circumstances out of your control, there are a few steps you can take to avoid feeling constantly low.

Have you seen the sunlight today?

  • To brighten up your mood, try not to stay trapped inside the whole day. Take  at least a few minutes to be in the sun and to breathe fresh air.

  • Exercise releases endorphins to improve your mood, so hit the gym or power walk and stretch to reap the benefits of a good workout.

         Always make time to meditate, and rest up for the next day.

7. Reach out & Connect With a Friend

Have a face to face conversation with someone you love over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Connect with another human.

It can be as simple as sending them a funny message or asking them about their day.

Don't neglect your emotional/social needs. Overcome a bad mood by talking to someone who always makes you smile, and have a genuine connection with them.

8. Do Something You're Good At.

Engage in creative, positive work  that you love doing.

What's a better way to boost your mood than to get on with a task you know you do well?

It's a  good way to get the creative juices flowing, and beat the bad mood.

At first, it may seem slow and stiff, but as you immerse yourself in your hobby - you will see your mood start to change.

After all, the same "narrow, alert focus" that a bad mood brings, can actually help when it comes to paying attention to a complex, creative activity.

9. Crying may help, some say.

Many people actually say that expressing sad emotions eventually helps to make way for more positive ones.

  • If you are having a bad day, you may just want to have a good cry.

  • Watching one of your favourite sad classics can be quite cathartic.
  • I also find that a book and a cup of  herbal tea can set a great environment to release emotions and escape for a while.

By the time you are exhausted from crying, you may even feel better.

Sometimes it is all we need to move on.

10. Smile, Even a Forced One Will Do.

Studies indicate that even a posed smile will physiologically elicit the same happiness response as a genuine smile.

  • Your facial muscles cue your brain to experience positive emotions when you smile.

So next time you are in a bad mood, instead of frowning -  consider smiling.

Research has shown that by doing so, you are likely to experience a more positive mood.

Ha! When you're moody and someone tries to force you to smile, they are actually helping you out.

11.  Play Good Music

Music can trigger the release of dopamine into your brain.

In fact, even listening to the first few seconds of a song you really like can totally change your mood, as it makes you feel happy and that much more alive.

Play enjoyable tunes to get over a bad day at work or school.

It's a quick and simple solution, that may even result in a little bit of dancing.

12. Pizza...Chocolate....

Need I say more?

Let's be honest, when you're in a bad mood, you may just want some pizza or pieces of your favourite chocolate.

And yes! You are allowed to treat yourself every now and again.

Again, grab a good movie, a blanket, and some warm socks.

The bad mood will be history.

(but hey, also remember to regularly eat your veggies because this too can have an impact on your mental well-being.)

You made it! And also, hopefully you made it through the bad mood. I hope you enjoyed reading these tips on how to overcome occasional negative feelings you may experience.

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