8 Habits of Happy Women

What do happy women do? Here are 8 habits of happy women that we can all learn from...

8 Habits of Happy Women

1. They support other women

Happy women support other women. They love to see their friends doing well and provide genuine encouragment. Happy women are even happy when their friend is more successful than them. It brings them joy to see others being rewarded after working hard, because they view individual successes as collective successes.

Happy women are the kind of people who see potential in those who do not see the potential in themselves. They are willing to share their knowledge with those who ask rather than building barriers or being aloof. Happy women experience the happiness that comes from giving: giving their love and their time.

2. They count their blessings 

It's funny how thinking of all the reasons you have to be grateful makes you more grateful. Happy women count their blessings and appreciate the things that others do for them. They do not attribute all their success to themselves, because they are were aware of, and grateful for the roles others have played in their lives.

Happy women increase their happiness by avoiding the tendency to constantly complain. They realise that having an ungrateful attitude is discouraging for both them and others, so they try to promote a positive outlook. Happy women work with what they have and don't worry about what they don't have.

3. They actively learn new things 

Happy women can often do some very impressive things. This is because such women make an effort to continually learn new skills. They refuse to be complacent. Happy women follow their passions by refining their current skills as well as developing new ones.

Happy women have a positive view of education, they love to challenge themselves. They gain information through reading books, watching enriching programs and even enrolling in courses. Most of all, they are attentive in the college of LIFE and seek out valuable resources within their network.

Of course, everyone is different so different people will have different learning styles and preferences. However, one thing remains constant -  happy women are curious and love learning how to improve their lives and the lives of others!

4. They care about spirituality 

Spirituality is something that benefits everyone, and happy women know this. Happy women have a strong sense of spirituality, and this grounds them in life. They experience clarity because they know how they got here, why they are here, and have a hope for the future.

Happy women always make time for their relationship with God because they know that spirituality is the basis for success in all other aspects of their life. Happy women are not ashamed of standing out as different - no they are proud - because while faith does play a role, their beliefs are founded on solid evidence.

5. They are kind 'for no reason'

Happy women are kind for no reason, meaning that they don't expect anything in return. They show kindness even to those who have no means to repay them.

Their kindness can be manifested in all sorts of ways, from giving genuine compliments, to stopping the bus for someone, to reaching out to those who are lonely. Happy women are the kind of people who take a step back to fix something that doesn't seem quite right. They gain a sense of peace and satisfaction through ensuring that others feel comfortable and safe.

6. They think deep 

Happy women love to think things through carefully. They may take longer to make decisions than the average person, but they often make wise decisions due to the amount of time they invest in planning and preparation. To others, they may at times seem like they've got their head in the clouds, yet the benefits of their meditating manner is evident in the end results.

Happy women are happy because they keep their minds out of gossip and activities that waste precious time. A remarkable thing about the lives of truly happy women is that they can be happy both when they are around others and when they are alone. They are not scared of solitude and silence, they embrace it.

Happy women are willing to have deep conversations sometimes. They do not worry about being judged in a world were many turn away from the subjects that matter most. Because such women are mentally and emotionally grounded, their happiness shines from the inside out.

7. They value self-care

Happy women derive happiness from caring for themselves and others. They try to harness their habits and strive to get good sleep, eat well and stay healthy all round. Happy women understand that the way they treat their body affects their overall wellbeing, so they avoid being negligent.

Happy women take pride in their appearance while not setting unrealistic standards of beauty. They know that balance is the key to happiness, whether it is about eating habits or trying to look a certain way. Happy women are confident women who are not afraid to treat themselves once in a while.

8. They love being happy

Happy women...have the habit of being happy? Sound redundant? Well, not really. Studies have shown that smiling can actually improve your mood, it is not just a result of it. In the same vein, happy women generate happiness from finding joy in the little things in life. Happy women love laughing and those that make them laugh. They are fun to be around and are often pleasantly amused in daily activities, whether they're watching a child play, relating their day's events or catching someone else's smile.

Any other habits you can think of? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

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