Being Rich Without Money
4 Things Money Can’t Buy

Hi there. Today I’m talking about being rich – without money.

How could that be? Well I’d like to share two (somewhat) famous quotes about this, and then 4 ways that we can find ourselves wealthy, with things that money can’t actually buy.

I hope you enjoy reading.

''I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer'' – Jim Carrey.

This quote reaches out to us and speaks of how money isn't the answer.  The famous actor explains that he wants others to be aware of what really happens when you get rich and famous.

Even if you get ‘everything you ever dreamed’ of it – it doesn’t equate happiness, because as humans we have a deeper need than to just have material things. 

So that’s one viewpoint on this issue. When we talk about being rich without money, we talk about having a life so full and valuable, that the amount of money we have in our pockets, essentially does not bring greater happiness.

I think that once we cross the line of poverty- then gaining endless wealth does not do anything to make us more happy individuals. Once we have what we need to live well, hoarding more adds no real extra value. Just something we wish could fill the void.

''It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.''

Wow, what a way to look at things. Who in today’s world measures happiness, by the level of satisfaction, as supposed to the level of possessions.

Being Rich without money is very much possible, because as the above quote shows, we actually generate our own wealth by the way we view money.

It’s actually the man who craves more and more that is poor. Little does he realize that money won’t cure his buried problem. 

So then, what ways can we be rich without money?

Let’s look at just 4 ways we can allow bountiful wealth into our lives.

Rich in Character

Our character is a way we can add more riches to our life. It’s remarkably wonderful the power we have to bring wealth and satisfaction to our lives, just by the choices we make. Being rich in character is more about personal development, and growing as a person.

  • Taking advantage of the opportunities we have to show qualities such as resilience, patience, friendliness etc.
  • Wouldn’t you agree that these are traits that we could use to brighten up our lives if only we gave more attention to them?
  • You may have a bank account bursting with money but if you don’t have self-control or wisdom of character then what does it amount to?

Rich in Relationships

  • Being rich in relationships means that we practice our ability to show love. It’s about appreciating the people we have in our lives and not putting them second place to money or vain pursuits.
  • We can use the moments we have each day to connect with people on a meaningful level and do what we can to empower the people we meet, giving them our warm affection and that little bit of care.

Rich in Joy

Enjoy the gift of laughter every single day. You become rich in joy when you develop the pattern of having joy even when outside situations are ‘mediocre’. It also involves the battle of choosing to be happy, in your heart mind and having a more optimistic view to life. Money certainly doesn’t buy that.

Rich in Well Being

  • This point is particularly about looking after ourselves and being wealthy by a wholesome lifestyle.
  • We can’t control everything when it comes to health, but we can reasonably care for ourselves in ways that show we appreciate our lives and the body we have.
  • After all our life is a  gift money could never get us. We can be rich by our daily choices and doing what we can to lead an active responsible lifestyle. (you win in every way).


Thanks for reading this article on being rich without money. The truth is that there is nothing in the nature of money that produces happiness.

It more often creates a vacuum that fills it. But there are ways all of us can be rich without money, so I hope you’ll keep in mind these thoughtful bites.

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