5 Best Stress Management Courses Online to Keep You Calm and Centered 

Here are the best stress management courses online to provide you with strategies to help you find calm in this chaotic world. 

7 Best Stress Management Courses Online to Keep You Calm and Centered

When you're stressed, what strategies do you use to cope?

If you're a coach, what frameworks do you recommend to help others?

Here is a list of the best stress management courses to support you in effectively handling the ups and downs of everyday life.

These courses are great because they are taught by expert instructors who provide a clear explanation of the causes of stress and how exactly these physiological reactions occur in the body.

Once this foundation has been laid, you'll be taught helpful techniques to guide you through the various types of stressful situations you're likely to encounter. 

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What are the Best Stress Management Courses Online?

Here are the best stress management courses and classes to enroll in online:

1. Stress is Optional (CreativeLive)

Stress is Optional (CreativeLive)

Stress is Optional is an engaging stress management class that's offered on CreativeLive.

The course is taught by Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, a nationally recognized stress expert and leadership coach. 

Based on insights from stress management research and positive psychology, this course will show you how to free yourself from the toxic thoughts and feelings that stand in the way of the life you want.

First, this course will increase your understanding of the physiological impact of stress. Then, you'll discover useful techniques for minimizing the disruption it can have on your body and life.

A few key lessons include:

  • Guided Visualization of Stress
  • Know Your Stress Dashboard
  • Create Habits of Mindfulness
  • The Human Operating System
  • Voicing Out Our Needs
  • Creating New Habits to Fight Stress
  • Why You Should Put Up Guardrails
  • Fine Tuning Habits of Resilience 

Key course features:

  • 32 Video lessons in HD
  • 15h 2m of class content
  • Exclusive bonus content
  • Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime
  • Streaming and offline access on desktop and mobile
  • Offline sync with iPhone & iPad apps
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The overall goal of this class is to help you develop a framework for evaluating your stress levels and your behavioral responses, so you can identify cues that will enable you to get back on course.

=> Enroll in the Stress is Optional Online course here.

2. The Stress Detox: Reduce Stress and Burnout In The Workplace (Udemy)

The Stress Detox: Reduce Stress and Burnout In The Workplace (Udemy)

When it comes to stress management skills, your current role - whether that be a CEO, a newly hired employee, a student, a parent, a health educator… makes no difference.

You are a human first. You are one of the millions of people around the world suffering from stress, anxiety, and burnout.

The Stress Detox is a course by public health consultant Ritu Riyat that shows you how to identify your own stressors and develop personalized stress management strategies.

As Ritu points out, eliminating stress is NOT the goal. You need a healthy dose of stress to drive you to look, feel, and perform better.

The million dollar question is: what's healthy and what’s not?

This course will guide you through the 3D Framework (Develop, Discover, Do) to help you strategically manage stress and stay in the “zone”. 

You will learn how to:

  • Define stress, distress, and eustress.
  • Identify the hormones involved in the stress response.
  • Describe the stress spectrum.
  • Determine why it’s important to develop self-awareness of stress and how meditation can help.
  • List the physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral symptoms of stress.
  • Explain the gender-based differences observed in how we handle stress.
  • Describe strategies that help handle the physical, mental, and emotional sides of stress.
  • Recognize the role managers play in workplace stress.

This course is perfect for busy professionals looking to level up their human potential, access untapped energy, and discover strategies to manage stress. 

Additionally, the course is full of practical activities and worksheets that show you how to create an action plan for taking care of yourself before, during, and after stress occurs.

Key course features: 

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 1 practice test
  • 1 article
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • NASBA CPE credits: 1.8
  • Closed captions
  • Certificate of completion

=> Enroll in the Stress Detox course here.

3. Managing Stress and Time (Arizona State University)


So much stress stems from worrying about time, simply because it's something you can never get back.

Once you're able to start managing your time effectively, you can learn what causes your stress and control those factors.

This course by Arizona State University will put the tools, knowledge and strategies of stress and time management directly into your hands.

You’ll learn the fundamentals and get acquainted with your stress and time management toolkit. Then, you’ll directly apply what you learn in hands-on scenarios.

Course Syllabus: 

  • Module 1: Welcome 
  • Module 2: Managing Your Time Effectively 
  • Module 3: Addressing Immediate Stressors 
  • Module 4: Reducing Long-term or Daily Stress
  • Module 5: Course Conclusion 

Managing stress is a skill rarely taught in schools, yet it is one of the most vital skills one can have.

Thankfully, both time and stress management are skills that can be learned and developed.

Everyone has the capability to effectively manage their stress and time, and this course will help you unlock that potential.

=> Enroll in the Managing Stress and Time course on Coursera here.

4. Tools and Techniques for Managing Stress (Starweaver)

Tools and Techniques for Managing Stress (Starweaver)

This stress management course offers valuable tools and techniques to effectively manage stress in both personal and professional domains.

By addressing core areas of stress, such as your career, personal finance, health, and relationships, you will discover methods to reduce stress levels while enhancing your performance and overall happiness.

What you'll learn: 

  • You'll gain knowledge about the causes, types, and effects of stress on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • You'll be introduced to a range of evidence-based stress management techniques and coping strategies. 
  • Helps you to learn about maintaining healthy practices in reducing stress levels and promoting overall well-being.
  • You'll be able to develop resilience by learning how to adapt and bounce back from stressful situations. 

Whether you're seeking personal growth or seeking ways to improve your overall well-being, this course provides the insights and guidance necessary to navigate the challenges of stress effectively.

=> Enroll in Tools and Techniques for Managing Stress here.

5. Stress Management: 40+ easy ways to deal with stress (Udemy)

Stress Management: 40+ easy ways to deal with stress (Udemy)


This highly practical Udemy course has been thoroughly researched to bring you the best in brain insights regarding stress. 

In the course, you will examine 4 different strategies to deal with stress, including the effectiveness of each and the reason why it works.

Based on research from the UCLA and the NYU, there will be surprising, counter-intuitive insights, which will help you look at stress and how to deal with it, from a completely new perspective. 

Key course features: 

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 7 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion 

=> Enroll in Stress Management: 40+ easy ways to deal with stress.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for checking out this post on the best stress management courses online. Of course, the particular course(s) you choose will depend on your particular areas of interest and learning goals. 

These popular stress management classes are designed to engage you in various self-analysis exercises and activities, enabling you to bring the material to life in a meaningful way.

As you put what you learn into practice, you'll find yourself mentally and physically equipped to defuse the usual triggers of your stress before they even escalate. 

Happy learning!

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