Don't Feel Bad - We're All in The Same Boat

Feel like the only one in the world with your particular fears and insecurities? Don't feel bad - you're not. 

Don't Feel Bad - We're All In The Same Boat. Our Fears, Insecurities, Hopes are the same.

Whenever we go through rough times it seems like we're alone. You may have feelings of sadness or fear during moments of the day and feel like you must be really weird because you can't imagine anyone else feeling the way you do at that moment. 

Have you ever felt like that? Do you get in certain moods where you just feel on a different planet from everyone else or even that you're worse off than everyone you know?

I have a feeling it happens more often than most of us admit. I have times when I feel trapped without knowing where to go next or how exactly to handle my situation. I'm sure you've felt like that too.

But you know what's worse than just being in a low state of mind? 

Thinking that everyone else is dealing perfectly, and you are really really struggling. 

I guess this post is really just to talk about how none of us is alone. Even in those quiet moments when we feel like we are drowning in an incomparable situation, you can be sure that someone has felt that way before you. And in a way that can be encouraging. In fact, it is also very likely that at this moment, someone else is feeling the exact same way. 

We say this a lot: we're all human. But isn't it so true? No matter how different we may look or how differently we may have been raised, we have a lot more similarities as humans than differences. We worry about the same things, we all care about how others view us in some way or another, and we all want to do well, live happily and healthily. 

You might literally be embarrassed about how much you think you're failing in life, just judging by how successful you perceive others to be compared to you. 

But, no. 

Even if we have differences in income or achievements, we all experience the same feelings of being alone, of being mis-understood, of feeling tired and ready to give up. 

Just to put in perspective how much we all have in common: 


  • Have you ever felt completely useless, fed up with your lack of productivity and unending procrastination?
  • Have you ever faked a smile to cover up how much emotional pain you're in? 
  • Have you ever felt like missing an event just because of the pressure of the social setting?


  • Have you ever worried that all your hard work will come to nothing, and you'll look stupid for trying?
  • Have you ever felt so much anxiety that you find it so hard to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Have you ever even been afraid because of your fears, believing that you'll never progress in life because your fears cripple you?

I can pretty much guarantee that each of us has felt or feared something similar to the above at one point or another. Yet we all seem to act like these insecurities and problems don't exist. Perhaps that is part of our coping mechanism. 

We don't like to talk about what keeps us awake at night or the things that make us feel low or worthless. But we all have those things.

Think about the number of quotes that you've seen on the internet, talking about dealing with adversity and the like. Think about the number of shares and likes those quotes get. Why are they so popular? Because the sentiments are true, and they affect every single one of us. 

Don't be deceived by how 'put together' people around you look. If you peer deeper, you'll see evidence of the tears and scars that we've all developed in our lives. You'll see the current fears and worries, and how alive they are. Social media envy is a major factor in our day that certainly doesn't help to extinguish that feeling of "everyone is better than me".

So, if you ever feel alone in your struggles, failures, doubts, insecurities or any other human frailty, just remember that you're not. Have a meaningful conversation with someone who's willing to talk and you'll realise a humbling fact: You're not alone, we're all in the same boat. 

What do you think about this? Comment below! 

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