Expect Problems and Eat Them For Breakfast

How do you handle challenges on the way to achieving your goals? Let's explore this interesting approach: Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.

Expect Problems and Eat them for Breakfast

Those of you who know me well know that I do love a good, meaningful quote. Today, let's look at I quote I discovered around the middle of last year that I find quite impactful.

"Expect problems and eat them for breakfast." 

- Alfred A. Montapert

Unusual, isn't it?

But as soon as I found this quote for the first time, a huge feeling of reassurance and hope swept over me. 

Here are some reasons why I think it's an excellent quote:

1. Don't panic, problems are normal

One of the best things about this quote is that it is simple and conveys the message so effectively. One thing we can learn from it is that problems are normal, they are to be expected.

This reminder is especially useful if you feel like you're a failure because you are encountering problems. No, you're not. This quote reminds us that problems are part of the process and that's a very comforting thought. 

Moreover, the phrase makes problems seem more manageable and less doom and gloom by suggesting that you can eat them for breakfast. For me, it conjures the mental image of being a character in a game like Pac-Man or Mario Kart, where the play continually advances and casually consumes objects in from of him. 

Yes, you will encounter problems as you try to advance to the next level or reach a certain goal, but encountering a problem does not mean GAME OVER. 

2. Problems are a good source of nutrition ;) 

Another ingenious message that this quote points out is that problems are actually nutritious, like a hearty breakfast. Aka they're beneficial, aka they're great for your personal development.  

This is a pleasant way to look at challenges we face on the road to achieving our goals. Many times we will be met with inconvenient and tricky situations, but working through such difficulties can provide us with valuable lessons, lessons that may even help us overcome future hurdles. 

Problems can help you develop critical thinking skills. The more problems you face along the way, the more you become comfortable being uncomfortable. You learn to think quickly and respond to setbacks in a calm way.

Though you cannot avoid problems completely, you can certainly use them to your advantage by eating them for breakfast. 

3. No gimmicks, this is realistic 

Finally, this quote is brilliant because it's extremely realistic. 

This quote is not conveying the crazy idea that if you chase your dreams and work hard, everything will go smoothly and everything will be perfect. 

No. This quote tells you to expect problems and eat them for breakfast

This means that problems do occur, and that achieving impressive results often comes with a lot of challenges and unexpected turns.

It means that you shouldn't let yourself be sucked in by myths that suggest that achieving stellar results is a walk in the park, especially when you yourself have put in effort, but you're still not there.

This quote also means that you shouldn't compare yourself to others who seem to have arrived at the result you want without very much work or effort.

In contrast to many quotes which depict a happily-ever-after- without much sweat in between, this quote tells you that sometimes the middle is messy, but you can deal with the problems you will face. 

So, what are you going to do about your goal?

Are you going to set unrealistic standards of a perfect journey, until events snap you back to the truth?

Or are you going to be confident, mentally prepared and strategic, not because you're playing the ostrich, but because you're expecting problems and you're gonna eat them for breakfast?

Don't run away from breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. 

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