False Ideas About Fast Food

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Food is one my greatest passions,  and so the rate families opt for 'Junk/heavily processed food' these days,  often frightens me. Why does this happen? Today we will be exploring some common misconceptions about convenience foods. We will also be talking about some false ideas about fast food and how they can be so deceptive. So here we go:

A Few False Ideas About Food

Ok. It's easy to be taken in by some convenience foods ; beautifully packaged, cleverly advertised and even presented as healthy food that's good for us and will make life easier. But taking a closer look into the nutrition values and general content reveals quite a different story about some fast foods.

What thousands of people sadly don't realize is that they can make a far better pasta dish or toad in the hole just by following a very simple recipe - and who can blame them?

So seductive are some of the TV adverts, that you could be forgiven for thinking it's a privilege to be allowed inside the shop to spend your money in the first  place!

But no one's doing us any favors, least of all the major stores with their gorgeous displays, catchy slogans and buy-one -get-one-free deals.  And even though the ingredients in every product are printed on the packaging, it's easy to be misled. People in a hurry tend to grab whatever looks appealing and be gone. They place their trust in the brand name without stopping to give the small print a good read , or even really knowing what they are looking for.

Another false idea about fast foods/convenience foods - that they are convenient. That's the funny yet sadly depressing reality. Once you've removed the packaging, read the instructions, pierced the plastic film (or not), waited, taking the food out halfway through the cooking time to stir, waited again, let it stand for two minutes, scalded yourself one the steam, searched hopelessly for a piece of meat among the gunk, wolfed the lot in four minutes flat, and wondered what else there is to eat because your still hungry, you might discover that the tiny bit of effort you thought you spared yourself really wasn't  justified by the end result.

Yet another false idea about fast foods is that unhealthy foods are the least expensive so some families, particularly those on low incomes are forced to eating them because they have no other choice.


A week's worth of good quality meat and fish with lots of potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruit and other wholefoods costs no more than the same amount of cheap chicken, burgers,  pies, reconstituted potatoes, instant microwave meals and carbonated drinks.

So these are some ideas about fast foods that too many people believe. Fast foods are not better alternatives for that good homemade grub. Learn more about the joys of cooking and how you can prepare cheap yet delicious recipes for your family.

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Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

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