The Hilarious Struggles of Being Forgetful

How bad is your memory? There are many daily issues that come with being forgetful.

Today I’m talking about a few things that you probably do all the time, if you have a terrible memory, like me.

The Hilarious Struggles of Being Forgetful

But here's the thing, you will only relate if you tend to be quite a bit forgetful.

Walking into a room, with absolutely no idea why you are in there.

It’s the first thing you likely do if you have a really bad memory. But, it’s ok, I’m pretty sure this is something we all do at one point or another.

It’s strange how your mind can go COMPLETELY blank after making the ‘long’ journey from one room in your house to another.

  • All it takes is a few steps in one direction to lose your sense of purpose.
  • Then you enter the room, deeply contemplating what it is you want in life.

 Sometimes it only comes back when you go all the way back downstairs.

Back to square one before you remember that you needed your sweater.

Ah, I guess it’s not all that bad. Probably keeps us forgetful ones quite fit.

It’s not just forgetting what you wanted, sometimes you forget what others wanted. Ever been asked to get a drink by someone, and then give to the wrong person, even though you were looking straight at the rightful owner? Hmm..or  forgotten to get the drink in the first place?

Passwords are the Worst Thing Ever

The next issue that comes with being forgetful is managing your personal passwords.

Passwords are literally the worst things ever. Thankfully,  for many of the apps on our mobile devices, we are automatically logged in each time. But anytime your phone updates or you accidentally log out, it’s terrifying. You rack your brain tirelessly thinking of the password.

  • Our only hope is the ‘I forgot my password’ option. That option is one of the best inventions ever, particularly for people like us.
  • What would we be without the chance to create a new password every time we need to login?

The dreadful feeling you get when the screen says ‘incorrect’ password. It can leave you a teary, sweaty mess.


Another struggle with being forgetful is the fact that story-telling is really not your skill.

  • You get half-way into the recount, before realizing you really don’t know what it is you are talking about.
  • People are listening deeply, waiting for you to tell the interesting part, but again, your face is blank.

You’ve completely forgotten the reason that you were hysterically laughing five minutes earlier.

Sometimes I get scared to tell big stories, because of the above situation.

  • I mean, better leave the story-telling to someone who can go from start to finish without looking utterly perplexed and lost.

No wait- no actually this happened before that- but before that, this occurred. Actually I don’t know.

I give up.

Leaving the house is a problem

Leaving this house can be an issue if you have a bad memory, because despite how much you plan, you very likely, will still leave something behind.

  • Getting ready for huge trips can be a nightmare, because the bigger the trip – the more dangerous.
  • The greater the probability of leaving something very important behind.

You have to give yourself  about 20 minutes after getting ready, for the period you will spend going in and out of the house -frantically searching for that missing item.

Then the task of returning home with all that you left with. Let's not even go there.

I know some who have even forgotten their shoes when they leave a friend’s house.


Lists. Lists. Lists.

Lists = Lifesavers . Oh don’t you just love your lists? The ability to be able to re-jog your memory by looking at a sheet of paper. Always will have my trusty notepad by my side.

  Yes. I’m sorry, but I’ve still got no idea where that is.

Some journeys you take frequently  and  still don’t know how to get there without GPS. And no, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been there 20 times before. I mean it looks different every time…right?

Without Google maps or the help of your friend you would never be able to move from A- B.

I’m so organized – I hide things from myself.

Now this one happens when I take soo much care into finding a safe spot to keep an item.

It becomes such a safe place that I can’t even find it again when I need to use it.

Yep, many of us do this a lot.

We become so clever, that we manage to trick ourselves.

The item ends up being something never to be seen or found by any human ever again.

  • Talk about excellent safe-keeping skills.
  • Except that our dear memory just never is on our side.
  • So, if you have a bad memory, don’t get too clever with keeping your belongings.  

Keep it in a (tremendously logical) place where there’s a chance it will see daylight again.

It’s better this way.

It’s 2015 right?

Forgetting the date despite the fact that you write it practically every day.

  • Despite the fact that it has been  2015 for the past 300 and something  days. 
  • It’s December, and ya still haven’t nailed it.

When January comes and it’s 2016, the struggle will be even more real.


Nothing more needed to say.

  • Put your hand up if this is you.
  • You, can be holding an object, but you will still (without fail) forget where you put it.

Even the pencil that you balanced on your ears, which you can see through the corner of your eyes.

Life is hard.


Thanks for reading! What funny experiences have happened when your memory betrays you? Do you have one of the issues above? I Would Love to know, so comment below!

Share this page, if losing something you put down a few seconds ago is kinda your hobby!

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