10 Pointless Things You Likely Do a Lot

(that you may or may not admit to)

pointless things we do

There are things most of us do everyday that are quite ridiculous, when you think about it.

For example here's a list of pretty pointless things we tend to do. There will probably be at least one thing on here that you have done before, I  am definitely guilty of some of these!

Abuse Your GPS

This one occurs when we are on a journey and our Global Positioning System is misleading us. Sure enough it's even taking us in the opposite direction.  Or we've changed our minds and but the system has not connected with our  thoughts, so it keeps  giving us those annoying reminders to MAKE A U-TURN.

And what do we do?

Starting shouting and verbally abusing our device, because it just doesn’t seem to have a brain or any common sense. Oh but that's the thing, it doesn't.  Despite how human that voice may sound.

I'm pretty sure that most drivers with GPS have been here. Those times when you have got lost in a new city or maybe you were just in a bad mood that day..and we just take it out on the stupid sat nav. That's just the way it is.

Refresh after sending

Here is another pointless thing many of us do but will not admit to it.

So we send an email to someone, perhaps full of urgent or interesting details and then after hitting send we refresh the page to see if they have replied.

This one is quite funny, but it is true, it happens. It's like we think that in the 2 seconds it takes the page to refresh, someone would not only have read the email, but also have given us an extensive reply. Ah, keep dreaming.

Yup, it can be quite disappointing to see that your screen remains the same, because both technology and people are not quite as fast as we think they are.  And also…most people do not have superhuman  powers to decipher the email before you send, giving them enough time to reply during the refresh period.

Putting the TV on for background noise

Oh I've seen this happen and I too have been there. We put the TV on, with no actual intention of watching it. No - because we have better plans, to sit down and scroll through our social media. The TV is merely there for background noise, and if anything interesting happens on MTV that we decide we need to check out.

If you have done this, you may even find yourself paying more attention to the eye-catching adverts than whatever random show you put on. These days who flicks through Instagram and Tumblr in silence? No, you've got to have some TV on in the background for comfort.

It's even more amusing when you have a friend with you and you both decide to completely ignore each other and what's going on with the telly. Even if you planned to watch a movie together.

Stopping the microwave before the world ends

Sometimes we put the microwave on and then intend to get on with other things. But then we notice that the numbers are reducing at an alarming pace and very quickly coming up to zero.

The countdown has begun…We can't just let it get to zero and hear the dreaded beeping noise go on and on. No we've got to stop it while we can. As if the mash potato we've got in there was a bomb.  As if the whole world is going to end the moment the microwave starts going. It is a race against time and when you stop it at 1 second left, you know you've had a victory.

Reserving a chair just for our feet

This is a popular one with school kids. There are four chairs by the table but only 2 of them can be used. The others are completely out of order, why? Because you have designated them as your foot rests.

And There are NO-Exceptions.

After all,  your feet deserve special treatment and school is just the place to lie down and relax. You know, get comfortable while the teacher speaks.

The only chairs that can be used are the one you've place your bottom on and your best-mate's seat right beside you. And if someone comes up to  you asking if the chair is free, you will say no with a taunting, mean scare on your face. Or if someone innocently tries to pull out the chair you will perform the good old chair tug, away from them and towards you.

You own the table and the seats. Got a problem with that?

The Way You Set Alarms

Don't pretend you haven't done this at least once.  You have somewhere important to go the next day, or maybe it's just school and you have decided to get a good sleep. And how do ya set your alarm?

You don’t just set one that gives you enough time to get ready. No- you set 5-10 alarms,  all lined up in case the one before should fail. And it likely will.

What started as 7 am gradually makes it way to quarter to 9, and the only reason you get up then is because you can subconsciously hear your family about to leave the house. But it's totally understandable, some days you have no control. Your head is stuck to the pillow and you hope the constant alarms will make a difference. But it does not. Or sometimes you hear the alarm, physically sit up but think, 'Why am I even trying' …and fall back to dreamland.

Why can't we just set one alarm, and make it out of bed?!! Oh the daily struggle.

Leaving Empty Packets in the Cupboard

You take the last granola bar in the packet, but you pretend there is still something inside. Even, though the box is quite clearly EMPTY. But you just cannot be bothered to walk 3 steps to the bin so you just leave it where it is, sitting nicely in the corner.

Then the next person comes and finds that not only have you FINISHED THE FOOD, but that they are now left with the responsibility of actually recycling the box..If they should choose to accept that responsibility.

There are times when the empty packet just sits there for days, even weeks because no-one can bring themselves to walk those 3 steps. But they will gladly walk themselves 10 steps in the opposite direction to sit on the sofa and watch TV.

You Take 100 Identical Selfies

Maybe it's a girl thing. When you get bored , you decide to add to your selfie collection of over  1000 selfies. Oh and it doesn’t matter if you take close to 100 pictures in the same moment/day/5 minutes. That's totally fine.

Because it looks totally different from the 99 other photos.  You know what, the black and white filter even makes you look like a different person from the Lomo filter. It's remarkable.  Sometimes you just need to take that many photos to have enough to upload to social media every day of the year. Well you know, good-enough ones.  It's fun to have 1000 identical pictures of yourself permanently stored on your phone. In case you forget how you look.

Me: How does your phone's storage space even cope?!

The Waitress must be lying

You order some hot soup in a restaurant and the waiter brings it to your table. She says 'be careful it is quite hot'. But no we can't take her word for it. We must step out of our safety zone just to tell if she's telling lies. Because that's totally what she's there for?! *sigh*. Then we go ahead, we scald ourselves, and everyone on the table looks at us as if we are stupid.

'I was just testing…to be sure….'

Should have listened to the waitress, eh?

It's like touching wet paint just to make sure it is,  when we already know the answer.

Pressing a bruise then complaining that it hurts, but continuing to prod it.

Yep, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Once you've got the sympathy you were looking for, it's time to get stuck in. Get back to the pointless prodding, because it's fascinating to watch jelly/and or blood coming out of our bruise.

And to finish with, a deep thought.

Ultimate pointless thing we do.

WE buy things we don’t need, with money we don't have, to impress people we don’t like.

And there you have it my friends, pointless things we do (that we may or may not admit to doing).

If you can relate, why not share with some friends and family. Thanks for joining me!

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