Making Mistakes is Good?

- Why Your 'Failures' are Better than you Thought

Wait - making mistakes is good? Let's discuss top reasons why making mistakes could be a good thing and quotes related to that.

How and Why Making Mistakes Could Be Really Useful and Good For You.How and Why Making Mistakes Could Be Really Useful.

There are few things that could make you feel worse than thinking about the mistakes you have made. Every time we miss the mark we have set for ourselves and don't quite achieve our goals, it reminds us of our imperfection. And mistakes happen all the time. As long as you are a human, you will fail at one thing or another over and over again.  You will make mistakes. It's inevitable.

So what is all this talk about how making mistakes could be good for you? Never thought your failed attempts would come in handy, did ya? Well today let us discuss how incredibly important your mistakes are, and how instrumental they could be in your learning and growth process.

Making Mistakes as a Route to Success

First of all, let us just take a moment to consider some wise words that have been said about making mistakes.

Albert Einstein said : "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

Quite accurate. Making a mistake means that you have tried to do something, but have not succeed in it because you don't yet have experience in that field. You cannot just avoid doing things, because you think you might fail at them. In other words, if you are making mistakes it means you are trying and making an effort to expand your skills and knowledge. Without trying, you'd never get anywhere.

So then, congratulations. You are not merely sitting, watching and waiting. You are getting on with life and trying to make things happen. Your mistake means you care.

Making mistakes can also help you learn a lot. With each 'failure' at a task, you learn what you did wrong and get an idea of what you could do better next time. Perhaps you think of the quote by Thomas Edison , the man who invented the light bulb:

"I've not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".

What a good attitude to have towards our failures. Have you ever thought of it this way: each mistake you make while doing a task, adds to your database of knowledge that will eventually help you become an expert in your field?

In life, we need to learn and continue to develop ourselves. Sometimes our growth comes in the form (or disguise) of so-called failures and obstacles. We can choose to see these exciting challenges as opportunities. We can learn from them and bounce back into action with our newly found knowledge. 

Besides, failure is a matter of perception. Think about it, without those mistakes and challenges you might have missed those important lessons that you needed to learn. It helps if you view your mistake as an 'experience', a vital learning experience, at that. 

Making mistakes and building on knowledge makes things interesting. It gives you a chance to beat your personal record by trying different tactics and methods of approach. Every day gives us a fresh opportunity to start again. So when you make a mistake that you can learn from, be grateful. In that specific moment, your mistake might make you feel uncomfortable and weak. It might even make you cringe. But we can move on. Stand up, take what you need out of the situation, dust yourself off and get to work. It all works out for your own good. 

Much of the Knowledge you already have is Based on Past Mistakes

Mistakes often account for the valuable wisdom and knowledge we now have stored up. Even think about the advice you have received from your role models, a lot of it is likely based on their experiences - both the good and the bad. Parents pass down their experiences with issues they've faced in the hopes that their children can avoid making the same mistakes that they did. 

What does this all tell you?

Mistakes happen, and when they do there is always something we can take away from it. As much as making a mistake could feel terrible, you might be able to help someone else down the line by telling them your story. Your mistakes are now a gift that you can freely share with others. 

Making mistakes or failing gives you a chance to re-assess your situation and to choose a course of action that may yield better results. You live and you learn.

So, if you make mistakes on your journey to mastering a skill, keep your chin up. What did you learn from your mistakes? How could it benefit you in the end? The mistakes you make on your path of personal development could be blessings in disguise. 

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