How to Stay Cool at Night

Sometimes it is just so hard to get to sleep, especially when the weather is so hot. You may have tried opening the windows a bit but feel as though you are getting nowhere. Today I am going to share some tips on how to stay cool at night. You can keep those summer nights cool! Let us find out how.

Take a cool shower

  • Having a shower when the weather is hot can help you so much. Just get in some cold water for a few minutes and relax. Having a shower when the weather is hot will help you to unwind and be refreshed. Why not wash with some summer scented soap, this will allow you to calm down and perhaps prepare your mind and body to be able to get to sleep.
  • Even a warm shower will do you more good than if you just go to bed feeling groggy- if you really don’t want to get in a cold shower.  But having a cold shower is a good idea.
  • A cold shower does much to invigorate and release you from all the sweat you may have built up on a hot day. Make sure to brush your teeth before getting in the shower if you can, it will ensure the optimum level of comfort. Having a shower without brushing your teeth can be like can be like tying one shoelace up without the other. You need to do both to get somewhere.

Wear the Right Clothes

  • After having your shower, it is a good idea to change into some comfortable clothes. Now is not the time for that big woolly jumper of course. Pick the right pyjamas to enjoy a good, comfortable sleep.
  • Find some clothes made out of lighter materials that will not trap you in heat. Materials like silk and cotton are very good choices. Cotton is naturally lightweight and soft to the touch. Cotton is also 'breathable' and does not tend to irritate the skin. Silk is an amazing thermo regulator, it keeps you warm when you are cold and cool when you are warm. Sleeping in light, breathable silk pyjamas or on cool silk sheets will help to turn down the heat.
  • The fit also matters a lot when finding the best clothes to go to bed in. Choose loose pyjamas, which will allow you to move around easily when you sleep instead of being tightening or binding.
  • Don’t forget your feet. Warming you feet too much can cause your entire body to become hot.  So if you are finding trouble getting to sleep because of the weather, then leave the socks out. But at the end of the day personal comfort is what is most important when picking the proper sleep wear for you, whether that means a silk gown, classic cotton pyjamas, a cool t-shirt, or nothing at all.

Drink water before bed

  • Water will solve many problems when it comes to heat. And a sleepless night due to intense heat is one of them.  So be sure to have a glass of cold water (with ice if you wish) when it is hot at night.
  • Having a glass of water before you got to bed will also help your body replenish the fluids it loses through the day from normal activity - especially during a hot day when you lose a great deal of water from sweating.
  • By drinking water before bed, your hormone levels, energy levels, muscles and joints become balanced. This helps you relax and feel rejuvenated - how important that is when hot nights make you feel restless!

Try the 'Egyptian' Method

  • The Egyptians certainly knew how to keep cool on those hot summer evenings. So why not try out an expert method? The Egyptian method  involves dampening a sheet or a towel that is large enough to cover you in cool water and using it as a blanket.
  • To avoid dampening your mattress, lay a dry towel or sheet on your bed, underneath your body and use the wet sheet as a blanket over you.  The best results are achieved when the towel is quite damp but not dripping wet. The damp blanket will keep you cool and will help you sleep well through the night.
  • Alternatively, you could cool your bed sheets by placing one inside a plastic bag and leaving it in the freezer for a while. Remove it right before bedtime and do not forget to sleep with your bare feet out of the sheets, you do not need your feet getting damp.
  •  You could also hang a wet sheet in front of an open window. When the air passes through the damp cloth, the moisture cools it off and this in turn, cools you down.

Turn off the Lights

  • Turn of the lights. This tip is pretty self-explanatory. All light bulbs give off heat, even low energy light bulbs. So switching off the lights will help keep the room cooler. Fortunately, during summer it stays lighter for longer, so this should not really be a problem.
  • It may be a good idea to turn off (and even unplug) all the appliances in your bedroom like your TV, computer and laptops.  You'll save energy and reduce the amount of heat being given off in your bedroom.

Fan + Bowl of Ice

  • Another way to stay cool at night is by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan.
  • Get a bag of ice cubes and empty the entire bag into a wide shallow container.
  • Place the container of ice directly in front of the fan and you, trying to make it level with the top of your bed.
  • The breeze will pick up cold water The ice-cooled air will be noticeably more refreshing and should help you get to sleep much quicker.

Spread out while sleeping

  • Spread out and relax on your bed. Yes be a bed-hogger and enjoy the space. Sleep in a spread-eagle position with your arms and legs not touching each other.
  • This way, heat does not gather around your limbs. It is the best sleeping position for letting air circulate around the body and reducing overall body heat.

Chill out with a cold water bottle

  • Use a cold water bottle to stay cool! Hot water bottles are very comforting things to have when it's cold or when we feel rough in bed. But water bottles are also brilliant things to have to help you stay cool at night.
  • You can buy a  simple drug-store hot water bottle, fill it about half-full and leave it in the freezer until hard.
  • Then place it under your pillow or by your head if you prefer and this will keep you cool up until you fall asleep. Placed under your pillow,  a cold water bottle will provide a huge burst of extra chill every time you flip  over your pillow at night. This will make sleeping a lot easier on a hot night.

So I hoped you enjoyed reading my tips on how to stay cool at night. Those  scorching hot summer nights can be conquered! Be sure to try out these tips the next time you find it hard to go to bed, and you just need to chill down and cool your room.

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